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Windows 10’s task manager shows you lots of performance details about your PC but it does not show your PC’s CPU/GPU temperature. When you’re running a heavy application or a demanding game and your PC or laptop’s fans sound like a jet engine you are probably wondering…how hot is my PC? Am I doing damage to my PC?
NZXT CAM is a free app with a clean graphical interface that will show you the temp of your CPU / GPU as well as a bunch of other details including system specs. They also have an in-game monitor that will show you an overlay of FPS, CPU, GPU, RAM details during gameplay.
What’s a good temp at idle?
A healthy temperature is anything under 122 degrees Farenheight (50 degrees Celsius)
What’s a good temp under heavy loads?
Ideally, you want your CPU to be at 176 degrees Farenheight or less (80 degrees Celsius). PCs with tight spaces or poor cooling such as laptops and small form factor PCs can run hotter.
What is a critical CPU temp?
If your PC is running at 203 degrees Farenheight (95 degrees Celsius) or higher your PC may automatically throttle and in some cases may automatically shut down to prevent damage to the CPU. If this happens you may want to check your PC’s cooling system…make sure the fans are running properly and reapply thermal paste between the heat sink and CPU.

Nzxt cam software for mac free
  1. Let me start this out by saying I’m no newbie to hackintosh. I’ve been using opencore for a while now and built my system from the ground up. I’m pretty familiar with my hardware too. I’ve contributed to AppleALC for my specific codec, poured through the DSDT countless times and even had this sucker stripped and bare bones benched while.
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  3. Mar 16, 2017 The NZXT is very pretty in white and the case is very easy to work in. However the smart hub where fans and the builtin LED is connected to is useless. The fans connected to the smart hub spin up to max. I had to pull them out and plug them into the motherboard directly via splitter. I wish NZXT would port the CAM software even if just a basic.

Nzxt Cam Software For Mac Free

After installing NZXT CAM you are greeted with a Sign Up / Log In screen. If you just want to open the program, click ‘Continue in Guest Mode’

Once open you can navigate to different sections using the left tabs. We changed the temperature from celcius to farenheight and we also changed the color scheme to ‘Dark Mode’.

Nzxt free download, and many more programs.

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