Obs Studio Apk For Android

This app was made as a simple presentation of the OBS Studio famous software.We made sure that our app looks more like a little manual or guide. This is not a tutorial to learn how to configure OBS Studio for streaming, even if you will find all the necessary information to do so, including the pre-requisites for Twitch . We tried to keep this guide up to date as OBS Studio is updated and will certainly add more information as time goes by. Some topics (such as filters, sources, or adding plugins) will be the subject of separate articles.
Using Obs assistant, you are going to learn how the estimator allows you to evaluate an appropriate configuration of OBS according to your processor and your internet connection.
Obs assistant will also explain how does Twitch Analyzer allows you to analyze any stream on the air to find out what parameters are being used and if there are any problems with the stream. Just enter the twitch nickname and start the analysis.
We beliebe that OBS Studio is the best free, open source software for recording and streaming live video, and since it is used by hundreds of thousands of users streaming video over the internet, as on Twitch for video game streams or even for local video recording we thought that making a guide will help users understand using this software. It has nothing to envy professional tools since the possibilities offered by OBS are very close to them. This studio version allows, among other things, to modify its scenes while being live on its streaming service, the users will only see the final result.
OBS Studio replaces the old classic version of OBS by integrating new functionalities. The developers decided to completely rewrite the software to make it Multi-platform (compatible with all current operating systems). This means that OBS runs on Linux, Windows and Mac Os.
The strength of the old version was that it had a bunch of plugins to do just about anything. OBS Studio directly integrates some of these features. Some of the improvements present in this version are certainly the audio management, the filters and of course the studio function, OBS does not bear this name by chance!
[Main Features of Obs Studio]
- OBS Studio is known for record to high-quality.
- Capture images from different sources.
- OBS is also a Configurator of an unlimited number of scenarios that you can change among the transitions.
- Intuitive sound mixer.
- Obs Studio has powerful options configurator that allows you to add new sources, double the results or add properties.
- Modular dock for configuring the user interface.
- Ability to configure keyboard shortcuts.
- OBS Studio allows unlimited time record.
- OBS Studio supports background record.
- Easy manager record with search & sort tabs of OBS Studio
- Share recordings easily through OBS Studio
- Record any thing, any sound , any where.
This application is not endorsed by with the oficcial OBS Studio Project, any unauthorized action or post video or other content that violates rights of other users is responsibility of this app user. You can contact us If any of our app content violates any rights.
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