Obs Studio Reference Apk

A free yet powerful streaming solution
OBS Studio, for Open Broadcaster Software (i.e. “free broadcasting software”), is a free and Open Source solution that makes it possible to broadcast content on different streaming platforms. Some of the 80 services available include Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook Live. The software also makes it possible to record videos locally, in particular in flv or mp4 format, and then put them online on video-on-demand platforms.
OBS Studio allows you to create professional-looking content, as long as you give it quality material (graphics, video transitions, etc.) to integrate. Quite simple to use, although the first contact can be intimidating for neophytes, the solution is easy to learn through its intuitive interface. The greatest difficulty is to grasp the interest and importance of scenes and sources to build videos.
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This application is an unofficial Guide for Obs studio, we are not authorized or created by the creator of the app. this is just a guide by Vardev developers to help people use this software in the best possible experience.
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