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With the first edition of Omnisphere, the company Spectrasonics, founded by sampling guru Eric Persing, built on a big name, because the plug-in was the consistent further development of Atmosphere. With its sound supply and its possibilities, Omnisphere was quickly considered THE synthesizer plug-in and developed into a 'must have' for every keyboard player and producer. Omnisphere 2 has been on the market for some time now and we want to see whether the new version can continue the success story.

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Synthesizer plug-ins are a dime a dozen and it feels like a new one appears every day. But there are always some that last a long time and are widely used. Omnisphere is one of them and, with its long service life, is in good company with the other Spectrasonics products, because even sibling products such as the Trilian bass library are still considered first-class after many years. The sporty purchase price of 399 € may put off one or the other. But just a look at the list of features gives an idea of ​​how extensive this package is.

Omnisphere 2 Free Download Crack Reddit Windows 7


Omnisphere for free reddit

Spectrasonics advertises Omnisphere 2 Free Download with the gigantic number of over 12,000 presets. Mass instead of class? You can decide that, you can find sound examples in the practical part. One thing is certain: the selection is huge and covers a huge tonal range.

Omnisphere's oscillators / sound generators are divided into two areas: sample and synth. So you will not only find sampled waveforms from synth classics such as Roland Jupiter-8 or Oberheim OB-8, but also waveforms from the same synthesizer modeled with the in-house engine. Among the selection of over 400 of these 'DSP waveforms' you can of course also find FM and wavetables, which further expands the sound palette

Omnisphere 2 Free Download Crack Reddit Full

The supplied sample library is also gigantic. This also explains the installation size of Omnisphere: The plug-in confiscated a full 64GB on your hard drive and has thus increased again compared to the first version. If that is not enough for you, you can also load your own samples (but not multisamples) into Omnisphere and send them through the engine. The list of instruments and other sound sources that have been sampled for Omnisphere, by the way on the Spectrasonics website available - an impressive collection of synthesizers!

Omnisphere 2.6 Crack

Omnisphere 2 Free Download Crack Reddit Torrent

The surface is tidy as usual. The presets are accessed via the browser on the left. A double click on the patch name then opens a larger preset browser if desired. If you have installed other libraries based on the Spectrasonics STEAM Engine, such as Keyscape , these will appear directly in the preset browser. Thanks to the eight-fold multimode of Omnisphere, the sounds of the various libraries can be combined into complex setups and processed with the extensive synthesizer functions of Omnisphere.

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