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File Extension: .APK. Description: Android Application Package Files. File Type: Mobile app.

What is an APK File?

Contents of the Article. 3 Programs that open and convert APK files. APK stands for Android Package.

It is a package file format for distribution and installation of middleware, mobile games and mobile apps and it is used by the Android operating system. Its file extension can either be .apk or .xapk.

It is an analog to several other software packages, like the Debian package in any Debian-based operating systems and APPX in Microsoft Windows. Before you can run a program, the program needs to first be developed with Android Studio, after which all its parts are combined in a single container file.

The APK file has all the codes of the program, its manifest file, certificates, assets and resources. The file can be given any name with the extension .apk.

The steps to open an APK file on Android are given below:. Go to settings by clicking on the screwdriver or wrench icon on your home screen. Click on Security and it will go to the screen for Android Security Settings.

Look for “Unknown source” and click on the checkbox next to it to “Allow installation of apps from unknown sources” it will bring up a dialog box telling you of the associated risk when you install apps from unknown sources. Click on Ok to allow the feature. You can then install any APK on your android device and run the file without visiting Google Play store.

APK Downloader for PC Features

APK files can be executed on your mobile device free of charge by default but no in Windows or MAC.

How to open an APK file

You can either extract the components of the APK with a file extractor and then find the best program to view each individual component or install an open the APK file to run it like a EXE in Windows.

  • The following programs can be used for extracting and converting APK files:.
  • 7-Zip is an open-source extractor, free archiver used for placing a group of files in a compressed container called an archive.

How to open .apk files

It can read and write several archive formats aside from its own.

  • It can be used from a command-line interface.
  • Google Android SDK provides every necessary tool to developers for building, testing and debugging android apps.

Programs that open and convert APK files

It is adaptable to different operating systems like Linux, Mac and Windows.

  • It works perfectly as a developers’ tool kit.
  • BlueStacks is an App Player that enables android applications to run on PCs that run on Apple’s macOS and Microsoft operating system.

Open APK files in windows

It can be downloaded on both macOS and Windows. It is capable of running up to 1.5 million Android apps.

  • These other programs can be used for viewing and converting APK files:.
  • Apple Archive Utility: viewer and converter.

Problems with APK files?

YouWave: viewer and converter.

  • Smith Micro StuffIt Deluxe 2011: viewer and converter.
  • APK downloader for Google Chrome: viewer and converter.


Programs that open APK files on Windows

Xposed Installer: viewer and converter. Windroy: viewer and converter. AndroChef Java Decompiler: viewer and converter.

Private Tunnel VPN: viewer and converter. You can try the following options:.

Check if you have allowed your device to download files from unknown sources from the Settings page.


Reinstall that program or get an entirely new one. Go for a newer version of the AK file.

Find out if there is adequate memory space on your device. I wasbored, so i created a new tutorial for newbies who wanted to start moddingAndroid apps or games.


Download APKfile from or other app store. Visit: or other app store anddownload APK/XAPK of the app/game you want to download.

To open XAPKfile, simply change the file extension to ZIP. If you have7-Zip, right click on XAPK -> 7-zip -> Open archive. Downloadthe app named App Backup & Restore from Play Store.

Select the app you want to backup and tap "Backup". Your APK are stored in /sdcard1/App_Backup_Restore. Connect your device to your computer with USB cable. Navigate to SDcard andfind the folder named "App_Backup_Restore".

If you can't find it,disconnect the USB, open the device USB Settings, select Mass storage mode(MSC) and connect it again. Sony Xperiadevices: Settings -> Xperia Connectivity -> USB Connectivity -> USBConnection mode.

Open APK withWinRAR (Windows only). DownloadWinRAR from HERE and install it on your computer. Right clickon the APK file, select Open withand select Choose another app (Win8/10) or Choose default program..

(Win7 and older systems). Click on More apps (Windows 8/10).

  • On Windows7, simply click Browse..
  • navigateto the path of WinRAR and select the WinRAR.exe.
  • Tick "Always use this app to open .apkfiles" and click on "Lookfor another app on this PC".
  • Select WinRAR.exe and click Open.
  • TheWinRAR will open the APK file.

Open APK with7-Zip (Windows only). Download 7-Zipfrom HERE andinstall it on your computer. Right clickon the APK file.

Select 7-Zip -> Open archive. The 7-Zipwill open the APK file. The .apk files are applications for Android (Android Package), similar to the .exe in Windows. If you click on an .apk file from a mobile phone or tablet with Android a program will be installed.

Other viewers

Files with .apk extension are packages that contain an application for Android. They have the same operation as the classic .exe files found in Windows.

We click on them (from Android) and an application will be installed on your device. They can not be installed in Windows and MAC by default (at the end of this page we will learn how to do it).

They are only for devices with Android. To open files in .apk format you should download it to your Android phone or tablet and open it from there. To install an .apk file on Android you must activate the option "Unknown origins" by going to: Settings -> Security.

Once this is done, you simply click on the file. A window will appear that you must accept, and it will start to be installed.

If you are an Android user you often find sites that suggest downloading the APK of some software. It is simpler than it seems but, at the same time, it can represent a risk.

What does APK mean? Let's start with the most basic, for those users little related to technicalities.

Google Android SDK

APK is called files with extension corresponding to .apk and whose full meaning is Application Package File, which was designed for the Android operating system.

Through these files it is possible to install programs that have been compressed (similar to a ZIP), they work in both phones and tablets -in general in any platform with a similar structure.

  • It is worth mentioning that, in order to perform a successful installation, it is necessary to be familiar with all the terms related to the topic, since it is not as simple as downloading an application from Google Play, opening it and enjoying it.
  • Like all content that does not come from the Google store, you must test your common sense to know from which sites these files can be downloaded without risk.
  • Not all APK files are harmful, because these sometimes represent applications that were removed from the market for different reasons that do not necessarily have to do with being a threat to your phone or tablet.
  • They also serve for the beta versions that many developers put on their sites so that users who install it give their opinion and improve or fix errors.

If you are one of those who are constantly looking to exploit the benefits of having an Android phone, it is worth having an ativirus, but before leaving all the work to a security software, analyze the sites that suggest the download of such files and above all, know well what you are about to install to your gadget.

A .apk file could contain other formats such as .dex, .res, AndroidManifest.xml, resourcers.arsc or classes.dex, to name a few.
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