Open Audit It


Open-AudIT is a discovery, audit and asset tracking and reporting system. Open-AudIT tells you exactly what is on your network, how it is configured and when it changes. Open-AudIT is designed to be run on a server (Windows or Linux) and to scan your networks for devices. Once a device is found, Open-AudIT runs a series of commands upon it and stores the resulting data in a database. This data is then available for various reporting purposes.

Open-AudIT comes with a list of over 50 reports with any number of additional reports able to be created by the user. Why would you want to go to the trouble (“trouble”, hah, see the video about downloading, installing and discovering in under 10 minutes here) of keeping track of every device and it’s configuration? Well, here are some contrived examples…. Would you know if someone installed a bitcoin miner program on their desktop PC and left it running every night?

With Open-AudIT, you would not only be alerted when this new software was found, but you would also know which user account installed it and exactly when. What about if someone bought their laptop into the office and plugged in – would you know? That laptop could be a security nightmare and now it’s sitting on your network.

Open-AudIT will see this new device and the “New Devices found int he last 7 days” report will show you.


v4.3.1 has been released for Windows and Linux!
Note - The Windows download is not compatible with Windows 10. Opmantek use and recommend Windows Server 2016.
Make sure you checkout the release notes (especially Windows users and doubly so if upgrading). And don't forget about the wiki for all the documentation. Grab v4.3.1 from the downloads page.
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