Paint Tool Sai V2

SAI2 64bit - 2022-02-07 Technical Preview (Zip File, 2.8M).

  • SAI2 32bit - 2022-02-07 Technical Preview (Zip File, 2.6M).
  • Caution!: After 2019-05-18 version, SAIv2 moves history data and thumbnail cache folder into C:\Users\(USERNAME)\AppData\Local only once when started.Please do not worry, this is the specified behavior.
  • The distribution is not an installer model.Extract all files(and folders) from the distribution Zip file, and run sai2.exe directly in the folder of extracted files.Please manage file associations and shortcuts for sai2.exe yourself.
  • How To Apply Your Software User License of SAI Ver.1 to the technical preview version of SAI Ver.2.
  • If you have a license of SAI Ver.1, you are able to remove the lock of save and load features with your license.
  • Please download a new license certificate with the system id that got from SAI Ver.2 from the license certificate download form, and put it into either of the following folders.

2020-01-07 Technical Preview or later:"<(My)Documents>\SYSTEMAX Software Development\SAIv2"(The folder included "error" folder and "settings" folder).

2019-08-12 Technical Preview or earlier:"<(My)Documents>\SYSTEMAX Software Development\SAI2 Demo"(The folder included "error" folder and "settings2.ssd" file). Hey all~I've been going through the motions with painting programs, & yesterday I decided to give Paint Tool SAI another go.It seems that the version I have is missing features, I have no idea why, but it was restrictive, & frustrating.UPDATE: As it turns out, newer versions of SAI don't have all the features (???) ..Happily I did discover that there's a version 2 of Paint Tool SAI.

I decided to give it a try, & so far so good!It seems to have full features, & overall be a bit more clean & polished, I've barely used it yet, but I feel optimistic.There doesn't seem to be a version available to purchase, but I found a download here >>> PAINT TOOL SAI VER2Enjoy drawing everyone~To make a request, comment on this journal >>> Make a request!

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