Parallels Chromebook

Parallels RAS provides employees with a fast, intuitive, easy-to-use Windows desktop experience to increase productivity while performing common tasks, such as accessing applications, printing, coping and pasting, or dragging and dropping files. This cuts down the volume of helpdesk tickets, leaving the IT staff more time to concentrate on other projects. Enjoy the best of Windows and Chrome OS by enabling users to access the corporate applications with an unmatched total cost of ownership (TCO). The ease of use, simple deployment, and no-hassle management of Parallels RAS helps you embrace the cost-efficient Chrome OS platform without compromising one of the main benefits—low cost and TCO.

Parallels RAS supports RDSH-based hosted applications and virtual desktops. With hosted applications, you can leave your traditional workstation behind and jump directly to your applications and run them with ease from Chromebook. Parallels RAS fully supports RemoteFX graphics acceleration, making your virtual desktop and applications fast and responsive regardless of whether you're connecting over your corporate network, at an internet café, or over a 3G connection. Users can access their virtual workspaces on Chrome OS using the native Parallels RAS Chrome OS client or with universal HTML5 web client.

Chromebook RDP: Are you interested in deploying Google Chromebook™ laptops as workstations but aren’t sure about their capabilities? Are you concerned they won’t support Windows applications and desktops? If you choose the right application and desktop delivery solution, they do support all of that—and provide an intuitive, secure, high-end user experience.

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