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  • Collect information from computers in the local network and perform a complete system audit with Total Network Inventory.
  • Our PC auditing system has everything you need to build and maintain a complete database about hardware and software installed on all computers and workstations in your corporate network.
  • Building software and hardware inventory is a primary task of an audit tool.
  • Total Network Inventory scans your corporate network containing a mix of Windows, OS X, Linux, FreeBSD, and ESX/ESXi-based computers.
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  1. Total Network Inventory does not involve preinstalled agents or clients, instead just using the local or domain administrator's password to access computers on your network.
  2. Total Network Inventory is an ultimate PC audit utility. It automatically collects details on installed software and maintains a comprehensive software inventory in a centralized location.
  3. Our system audit tool lists software titles along with the number of active installations, corresponding license keys, and purchase details.
  • New security exploits emerge regularly. By using outdated software, your organization may be vulnerable to security risks.

A prompt audit determines whether the latest available updates and security patches are installed on all computers in your organization, helping reduce security risks. Perform a complete inspection of your entire network with a remote PC audit tool!

Total Network Inventory scans your corporate network to reveal all computers and workstations, builds a list of installed software, and adds them into a centralized database.

Total Network Inventory helps to track changes to software packages and hardware components in your network. The system analyzes PC and records hardware being installed and removed and logs the use of portable devices that are connected or disconnected.

Network Inventory Tool Windows XP to Windows 11 for PC software and hardware audits

TNI 5.3: Extended license key collection

Total Network Inventory registers newly installed and uninstalled software and records software updates by obtaining the current version number and comparing it with the previously obtained.

TNI lets you create customizable reports during each system audit job. Build comprehensive reports with hundreds of fields, share, print or export reports with ease!

Now, TNI automatically collects software license keys from Adobe, Corel and Autodesk on Windows and macOS!

  • On December 10, a critical vulnerability was discovered in the Log4j component from the Apache Software Foundation, rated at a maximum of 10 on the CVSS scale.
  • Free PC Audit does not require installation and can be used as a portable application.
  • It can be run from a removable storage device such as a CD-ROM drive, USB flash drive, flash card, or floppy disk.
  • This professional tool is designed to collect and present the maximum amount of information possible about computer's hardware and software which makes them suitable for users searching for driver updates, computer manufacturers, system integrators and technical experts as well.
  • Professional hardware information and diagnostic tools supporting latest components, industry technologies and standards.

This tool gathers detailed information about your system. General Windows utility for dumping lots of useful Windows, Network and hardware info . E-Z Audit offers you a complete PC audit solution that's designed to make your job as an IT admin much easier.

Software similar to Free PC Audit 4

With E-Z Audit can go from installation to ready-to-audit your network in 10-minutes or less.

Help with the Log4j vulnerability detection

E-Z Audit will inventory more than other PC audit tools – you can find VBScript, PowerShell and even batch files. Inventory DLL, OCX, SYS files – you can choose whatever is of interest to you!

E-Z Audit will also inventory documents, images, video - any file type extension you want.

E-Z Audit can also audit via USB stick in an enterprise context and can be used to audit PCs and servers in an air-gapped networks.

AIDA64 compares the gathered data against other systems and gives context based on the results. The real benefit of using it is the flexible system stability toll that will show you the temperature, fan speed, and voltage in real-time.


If you need professional benchmarking and auditing software you can’t get past AIDA64.

Softinventive’s Total Network Inventory

Softinventive’s Total Network Inventory is a tool that comes with everything you will possibly need to perform a complex system audit.

This PC auditing system comes packed with all the necessary functions that you may need to build and maintain a comprehensive database about the software and hardware that is installed on all the PCs and workstations in your business’ network.

Take a look at the main features that are included in Total Network Inventory:

  • Inventorying hardware and software is an essential task that comes with an audit tool, and Total Network Inventory is able to scan the network efficiently.
  • To use this software, you will not need any preinstalled clients or agents.
  • Total Network Inventory is a fully featured PC audit utility that automatically gathers details about the installed software.
  • This tool can maintain a comprehensive software inventory in a single centralized location.
  • The system audit software will list the software titles along with the number of active installations, purchase details and license keys.
  • A timely audit is useful for reducing security risks by determining whether the latest updates are installed on your PCs.
  • Total Network Inventory offers you comprehensive change logs for the newly installed and uninstalled software, and it records all software updates as well.
  • This handy tool also allows you to create customizable reports during each system audit process.

If you head over to Total Network Inventory’s official website, you will see that you purchase this tool and you can also download it to try it for free for 60 days as well.

⇒ Get Softinventive Total Network Inventory


Open-AudIT is another excellent option for auditing your PCs that is able to tell users precisely what is in their networks, how things are configured and when the networks change. This tool runs on Windows systems. Open-AudIT is basically a database that can be queried through a web interface.

The data about the user’s network is inserted via Windows, and the entire app is written in PHP, bash, and wbscript. These scripting languages will allow users to make changes and customizations effortlessly.

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Take a look at the key features that are included in Open-AudIT:

  • Windows PCs can be scanned for software, hardware, operating system settings, security-related settings, services, IIS settings, users, groups and more.
  • Open-AudIT can be configured in such a way to scan your devices and network automatically.
  • Usually, a daily scan is recommended for simple systems and networks require scans every two hours or so.
  • This way, users can rest assured that f something changes, they will be notified.
  • If something new appears on your network, you will be the first one to know it.

The latest version of Open-AudIT was released, and it comes with a brand new feature that allows you to export and import credentials, discoveries and tasks using CSV. Besides this new feature, the latest version of the program is a polished variant of the initial release.

You can find out more about Open-AudIT by heading over to its official website and taking a look at the complete set of features that are packed in this auditing tool for Windows PCs and more.

⇒ Download Open-AudIT

Free PC Audit 4.9

Free PC Audit 4.9 is another excellent option that you have available for auditing your PCs running Windows. This tool does not require installation, and it can be used as a portable application. You will get the chance of running the tool from a removable storage device such as a USB flash drive, a CD-ROM drive, a flashcard, and more.

Take a look at the most important features that are included in Free PC Audit 3.5:

  • This professional program is designed to collect and present the maximum amount of data possible about your PC’s hardware and software.
  • Free PC Audit 4.9 is perfect for users who are searching for computer manufacturers, driver updates, system integrators, and also tech experts.
  • This freeware is a great tool for scanning and collecting data about your PCs and keeping your network safe and free of threats.

You can find out more about Free PC Audit 3.5 and get this tool just to see how it works for your machines running Windows.

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E-Z Audit

E-Z Audit is another tool that can audit PCs via network inventory. This portable audit tool provides an audit for PC hardware and software as well, and you will get to enjoy 100% privacy which we have to admit, it’s a bit rare these days.

E-Z Audit already has more than 16,000 customers throughout the world, and it has managed to make millions of PC audits easily since back in 2001.

It’s worthwhile checking out a few of its most important features below, so take a look:

  • This is a secure PC hardware and software inventory tool that is ideal for network audits and more processes.
  • When you are using this tool, you can enjoy total privacy, and no audit data will ever come to the creators of this tool, unlike lots of other free software and paid competition these days.
  • In order to be able to use this tool, you will not have to install anything on your server or any machine that you plan to audit.
  • This tool is also able to audit automatically whenever you choose it to and it can even audit systems on demand.
  • This tool comes with a clean and very intuitive user interface.
  • You will be able to create point-and-click reports throughout the whole program.
  • You will not have to install, manage and configure any databases.
  • This software works with the “set-it-and-forget-it” type of configuration, and this makes it the ideal choice for beginners.
  • All you have to do is download the E-Z Audit on your PC running Windows and install the program; you will be ready to audit computers in a few minutes.

Many more interesting features and functionalities are included in this tool, so make sure to check it out.

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ADAudit Plus

ADAudit Plus is the last but not least choice for auditing PCs running Windows. This is a complete audit tool packed with lots of handy features. This allows you to file share access information of users, track user activity, view user login duration and scheduling reports among others.

Your final reports will be displayed as graphical data. You will get the chance to choose from many Windows Server reports.

Take a look at more exciting features that are included in ADAudit Plus:

  • You will be presented with a host of preconfigured reports, and all you have to do is to select the report in order to view the detailed report as graphs and structured information.
  • ADAudit Plus will send you alert profiles via email, and it can generate critical alarms based on specific events.
  • For instance, if there is a change or if there’s unauthorized access spotted, there will be an email notification sent to you so that you can take action/caution.
  • You will also get the chance of scheduling reports and the frequency varies from hourly, daily, weekly and so on.

More exciting features that are included in ADAudit Plus are the following: active directory audit and compliance, audit user management actions, Windows File Server Auditing in Microsoft Server Environment, and many more.

⇒ Get ADAudit Plus

These five picks for the best Windows PC auditing software are the best ones on the market these days. No matter which one of these great tools you decide to purchase, total success is guaranteed by their extended sets of unique and handy features.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • A PC audit gathers information on your hardware, software, processes and shows you relevant data or potential threats.

  • Belarc software helps you spot problems related to your PC system.

  • We recommend AIDA64 but we have an excellent list with the best audit software to chose from.

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