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Why is my vibrating joypad/joystick not working even if I install the driver that comes with it?

I personally am using Windows 7 64-bit. Windows detect my joypad and all features work except for the vibration [Z-Axis/Z-Rotation and Point of View Hat features may also not work.] Sometimes, vibration works but there is no option to reduce or increase it. There should be an option be set/change the level of vibration. Game Controller Settings do not show any option that mentions anything about vibration. What is the solution?


UPDATE: The link given below is no longer working. I have now uploaded the driver to my website; you can download it by clicking here. Password is typingaholic.com

Download and install this USB joypad driver. [Use your Anti-Virus program to check this file/driver for viruses/malware. I used AVG Free addition to check this file and it found no threats.] I found this driver after a long, long online research. I own few cheap joypads; they are made by different brands one of which is Topway. This driver seems to work on all brands. I tested it in Windows XP and Vista; it works flawlessly. This driver also makes the point-of-view-hat POV switch to work properly. It gives you nice options to adjust the level of vibration; some joypads vibrate like hell, so this driver can make them vibrate the way you want them to.

The best part of this gamepad driver is that it supports on all the latest pc games such as gta v, fifa 18, etc. As you to know there are sperpate drivers on. Customers who viewed this game controllers. Tried a usb data for windows. Download latest usb gamepad vibration driver for win 10, win 8 & win 7.

This driver is a miracle!

This driver makes the D-Pad, left and right analog sticks, and all the buttons to properly work. It can also help if your joystick or joypad has calibration issues like jumpy axes. Windows 7 installs a default driver for the joypads I have; this default driver is only good in making the basic features of the joypad work, barely. In some joysticks, the default driver can cause calibration issues, which this new-driver can resolve.

Install the aforementioned driver; you will be amazed to see the difference it makes. Above driver link will take you to another website. I have no affiliation with this [oem-drivers dot com] website. On the download page, the website states that the driver is only compatible with Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000, and XP; however, I can confirm that it also works in Vista as well as Windows 7. Additionally, it works with both 32 and 64 bit Windows. If you are looking for a solution for Windows 8 or 10, then check the comment posted by “BloodOrchid.”

Ucom pc vibration joypad driver

This driver works in all Windows!

This driver seems to work in all Windows and it solves all issues; additionally, there is no need to restart your PC. I have checked this driver in Windows 7 64-bit and here is what changed:



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