Pcsx2 Emulator Android Apk

A new gaming emulator was structured and launched for PS2 Game lovers. Although it is under construction phase, still considered the gamers demand. We are successful in bringing the beta version of Aethersx2 Apk.

The gaming tool we are presenting here is unique. Even the expert’s claim, more than 90 per cent of PS2 Games run smoothly. Although we haven’t checked the tool, yet according to the official source it is purely operational on all android smartphones.

Below here we gonna mention all the details including key steps. That gonna help the game lover to enjoy a PS2 experience.

Hence you love this new incredible tool and read to take advantage of it. Then download the latest version of Aethersx2 App from here.

Aethersx2 Apk is an online third party sponsored android tool structured focusing PS2 game lovers.

3. PCSX2 PS2 Emulator

Personal stations are considered the most used and favourable digital devices.

  • Used for playing different gaming apps on big screens.

However, the market is also flooded with other digital equipment.

Such as Android, Windows, iPhone and Personal Computers. Yet the majority of gamers love the play different games over Play Stations. Because the experience and collection of games are unique. Even the graphics and pixel density used inside the games are kept advanced.

4. RetroArch – PS2 Emulator

List of 5 best PS2 Android emulators

Hence the gamers will enjoy a realistic environment with an HD Display. There is one problem with PS2 Games that all such compatible software’s are none operational on all other devices.

That means the PS format files are not compatible with android smartphones. Hence focusing the android users request and demands, the developers are finally back with this incredible Emulator.

Now integrating Aether SX2 will help run PS files on android smartphones. While exploring the tool inside android mobiles.

What is Aethersx2 Apk

We found the app fully optional and operational on all devices. Although the minimum requirement for operation is Snapdragon Chipset.

But those devices which are lacking this feature may gonna enjoy the play without any restriction. Though online internet market is flooded with different other PS Simulators.

Those also help operate different PS2 Games on Android smartphones. Yet most of the online reachable simulators are premium and requires subscription. Without purchasing a premium subscription, android users can’t enjoy features.

Even some of the software may offer trial based access. Where the main features are kept in a restrictive phase and are never available to modify.

5. PSP / PS2 Emulator

Unless the device user decided to purchase the premium subscription. Mainly such simulators are used to run and enjoy Personal Station Two apps and games on smartphones.

But those apps and game files shows multiple compatibility issues. This means to run such app files require higher standards and device specs.

Yet we are successful in bringing this perfect simulator app. That is free to access and require no extra resources. Even it is fully compatible with all devices, hence love simulator then download Aethersx2 Android.

Free to download. No registration. No subscription. Easy to install. Installing the tool help run PS2 Apps and Games. No extra resources are required for operation.

1. PPSS2 (PS2 Android Emulator)

Third-party ads are banned. App interface is mobile friendly. Fully compatible with all PS2 files. When it comes to accessibility to Apk files. Then it is not reachable to access from Play Store. Because the tool is considered to be under construction phase.

Hence considering the user’s accessibility and on their kind request. We are successful in bringing the beta operational version for android smartphone users.

Hence you love the key features of the tool and ready to enjoy all Personal Station games. Then download the latest version of Aethersx2 Emulator. The Aethersx2 Download file we are offering here is purely original.

2. DamonPS2 – Emulate PS2 on Android

And the Apk file we are providing here is a beta version for users. Yet, we never guarantee about the smooth operation of Apk.

So download and install the tool at your own risk. Till now, we shared plenty of different similar tools related to Personal Station and iPhone. Hence you are ready to explore those best alternative apps must follow the links. Which are List Of Top 2021 Emulator Apps and Egg NS Emulator Apk.

So you love playing old and latest PS2 apps and games. Yet due to station inaccessibility, you are missing the opportunity.

Then don’t worry because here we brought Aethersx2 Apk.

Details of APK

Now integrating the tool will help enjoy all personal games on your android smartphone for free. An Open-Source Playstation 2 EmulatorSupporting Over 98% Of The Original PS2 Library.

Being almost as old as the console it is emulating, PCSX2 not only has a lot of history behind it, but a continually evolving future. PCSX2 is a free and open-source PlayStation 2 (PS2) emulator.

Its purpose is to emulate the PS2's hardware, using a combination of MIPS CPU Interpreters, Recompilers and a Virtual Machine which manages hardware states and PS2 system memory.

7. Golden PS2

The project has been running for almost 20 years. Past versions could only run a few public domain game demos, but newer versions can run most games at full speed, including popular titles such as Final Fantasy X and Devil May Cry 3.

Over 98% of the official PS2 library is considered playable or perfect, with the remainder at least making it to the menus. For more information on compatibility, see here. PCSX2 allows you to play PS2 games on your PC, with many additional features and benefits.

A few of those benefits include: . custom resolutions and upscaling. virtual and sharable memory cards. patching system. internal recorder to achieve lossless quality at full speed.

8. Gold PS2 Emulator

Stay up to date on the latest improvements and fixes on the project. Articles that go more in-depth on how things work, how they were fixed, or sometimes why they don't.

We all want to have a PS2 emulator for Android to be able to play console games from the mobile. This is something that we can already do thanks to emulators, they are software that would perform the simulation of a console.

Emulators are becoming more and more popular among Android users. Being a more flexible platform allows application developers to have more freedom when creating their software adapted for devices.

The Play Station 2 became one of the best-selling and most desired consoles at the time. This causes many people to want to relive the old days playing on a Playstation 2, you can do them with a PS2 Android emulator.

9. New PS2 Emulator

The PS2 was released in 2000 worldwide, you could play more than 3000 games on it. Unfortunately by the year 2013, it was discontinued, and that caused many to want to get their hands on one or play its classic games.

I will present you a list of the best PS2 emulators for Android, in the list you can find free emulators and some paid ones.

All the ones I will show you are optimized to have the best performance when playing. But remember that the fluidity with which you play will also depend on the specifications of your device.

If you get to have any problem with fluidity with some of the emulators, I recommend you use a game accelerator to keep the emulator optimized.

10. Free Pro PS2 Emulator

The way the emulators are placed does not mean that one is better than another. I recommend you to choose the one that comes closest to what you are looking for and try it, if you don’t like it try another one of the ones listed here.

If you want to emulate PS2 on an Android device in a simple way, I recommend the PPSS2 emulator. This emulator allows you to experience a very real gaming experience compared to the original console. The controls it offers are very easy to use, so you will have no problem adapting to them.

The user interface is very simple and you will not have any problem understanding its operation.

11. Free HD PS2 Emulator

It also provides us with different customization options to improve our gaming experience. It has great compatibility with the most outstanding titles of the PS2, you can get the emulator for free.

Another of its strong points is the function that allows us to change the colour of the screen. Besides being one of the first PS2 emulators designed for Android devices.

When starting the emulator we can find a tutorial on how to use the emulator, to install the emulator you need to use an APK file.

12. Pro PPSS2 Emulator

An app that has stood out a lot for its great compatibility with Sony PS2 games. It is believed to have the compatibility of 90% of Play Station 2 games, and this has made it one of the best options when it comes to emulating the PS2 on Android.

Of Chinese origin, DamonPS2 is an app that allows us to play hundreds of games for free. They also have a paid version where it gives us a greater number of benefits, the app is available in the Play Store for you to install on your device.

In the free version we can find some ads within the emulator, this in order to keep the app afloat, in the PRO version we will not find any ads. The speed provided by the app is not very fast, but it will not be noticed when playing. An application that allows us to feel that we play on a PS2, but in our case, we do it from a cell phone.

13. FPse For Android Devices

To install this emulator is necessary to do it through an APK file, these files can be found on websites of applications, remember to see that the web is trusted. PCSX2 Emulator PS2 is one of the best PS2 emulators for Android on the market today, to install the emulator is only necessary to have Android 4.2 or higher.

Of the best features that we can highlight of the emulator is the ability to adjust the video resolution and audio quality. It is also worth mentioning that it has texture filters, a good rendering system and excellent game graphics.

In addition to being able to play just over 1500 games that are available for the emulator.

14. EmuBox

If you want to be able to play multiple consoles RetroArch is your best choice, you can not only play PS2, but also many other popular consoles. But since we are now focusing only on Play Station 2 I will talk about its performance on the emulator.

It offers good stability and speed when emulating a PS2, plus it gives us the option to download the system we want to emulate in the application. It is a completely free open-source emulator and you can find it in the Google app store so you can download it for free.

An emulator adapted for Android that offers us to play on a PSP console or a PS2 by emulating the consoles on our device.

15. ePSXe For Android

You can install it on phones, tablets or other devices that have the Android operating system. Among the highlights of the PS2 emulator on Android is the compatibility with a large number of file formats these are some of the IMG, ISO, PBP, ZIP, MDF, CBN, BIN, 7Z, among others.

It offers better control than other PS2 emulators. It has support for playing online from your phone and also offers good quality graphics and audio when playing with an internet connection.

16. Rapid PSP Emulator For PSP Games

You can load and save the game state without experiencing any in-game problems. Those were the best emulators that are available to play PS2 games on Android.

I recommend you to try all the emulators in the list to see which one runs better on your device and no issues arise while playing. All of them have a link where you can download and install the emulator completely free.

Which PS2 Emulator Is The Best?

If you do not find it in the link you can find it in the search engine, just put the name and you will have many pages that offer it. If you are interested to try playing on an Xbox from your mobile you can take a look at the best Xbox emulators for Android.

Are Emulators Illegal?

You can play thousands of console games on these emulators, remember that the fluidity of the game depends a lot on your device.


So these were some of the best PS2 Emulators for Android smartphones and other devices. You can use them to play PS2 games without requiring an actual console.

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