Petrucci Font Character Sets

Character Sets, Fonts, and Font Metrics

It is not possible for the R/3 System to obtain information from the host operating system about the characters that can be printed or displayed and their sizes (font metrics). But such information is needed for formatting text for output. In order to be platform-independent, the R/3 spool system and SAPscript must therefore maintain their own printer character sets and font metrics.

When you install Finale, the following fonts are automatically installed directly into your system's fonts folder. Click the name of a font below to see a listing of every character in that font along with its keystroke.

Note you can also review all font characters using your system's character map.

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SAPscript output is also converted to the output character set when an output request is formatted. As mentioned above, SAPscript, however, also supports the use of the fonts (or typefaces) that an output device supports. SAPscript uses its own font metrics information to determine the correct printer-specific placement of the characters in output that uses proportional fonts (such as Times-Roman).

The figure below shows how fonts and character sets are used in formatting data for output.

Character definitions and character sets are maintained with the tools offered in Spool®Spool administration. Fonts are maintained in SAPscript with Spool®Font maintenance.

Font and Character Set Selection

Spool requests from sources other than SAPscript are generally printed with the font (if any) specified in the printer's format actions. However, R/3 standard print controls can also be used to change fonts.

The following table shows how the font and character set for an output request are selected:

Font and Character Set Selection for Different Types of R/3 Output

Output Type

Font and Character Set Selection

SAPscript documents

Fonts are specified in the SAPscript form associated with a document.

The output character set is specified in the device type assigned to the target output device.

To avoid conflicts, format actions for SAPscript should not contain any font selection commands.

ABAP list and editor output

Device type of target
printer is SWIN

The SWIN device type and SAPLPD program use Courier New font for this output. You can specify a substitute font for Courier New in the SAPLPD options. The substitute font must be installed in the target Microsoft Windows system.

ABAP list and editor output

Device type of target
printer is not SWIN

This output is formatted using the R/3 character set that is specified in the device type of the target printer.

Typically, the format actions make any font and character set specifications that are necessary for standard R/3 printing. These specifications have no direct connection to the output character set used. That is, you must ensure that the format actions, the character set specified in the device type, and the character set actually available at the output device all match.

If the format actions do not make font and character set specifications, then those in effect at the printer are used. These must match the R/3 device type specifications, or the printing result will not be correct.

The character set and font specifications in all SAP-standard formats, page formats, and format actions are correctly matched. You need only check that these specifications match in formats that you define yourself.

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