Pioneer Ddj 400 Serato

Q1What are the distinctive features of the DDJ-400?

The DDJ-400 is a dedicated controller equipped with interfaces for the intuitive operation of various functions of Pioneer DJ's software rekordbox dj.

The controller is compatible with rekordbox dj’s Tutorial feature, explaining from basic equipment operation through to necessary know-how for DJing. Even if you’ve never stepped behind the decks before, you can learn how to DJ.

Q2What is the "rekordbox" software?

The product information regarding rekordbox can be found on the rekordbox support site on the web.

Q3What is the difference between the DDJ-SB3 and the DDJ-400?

The DDJ-400 is a model optimized for DJ performances using rekordbox dj. rekordbox dj is included, and the unit is equipped with optimal operation interfaces for operating it.
Whereas, the DDJ-SB3 is a model optimized for DJ performances using Serato DJ Lite. Serato DJ Lite is included, and the units are equipped with operation interfaces in an optimal layout for operating it.

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