Pioneer Ddj Rb Amazon

i tested out the SB2 in local guitar center and ended up buying this blind, since they didnt have one in stock.As a complete beginner, i Love this controller as a beginner bedroom DJ, even tho this has the capability to play small medium house parties etc as you learn. I read tons of info on the reddit beatmatch forums for beginner controllers. and youtube videos by ellaskins and the ddj rb, he has some great reviews/tutorials etc.Why i chose this over the more popular DDJ-SB2, some pro's and cons with 3 main reasons that decided my choosing this one.Cons: Sort of a con how you look at it. Compared to the ddj sb2 it only has 2 decks to mix with, on the SB2 you can hit a button and switch to a 3rd and 4th deck to control (which i believe is locked out unless you have paid version of serato), but i find this tedious as it only has the 2 channel mixer to control it which i think would get confusing as a beginnerno headphone mix control knob on the controller just volume, but as a beginner, im fine with just cueing which track i wanna listen to on the controller. (you can set the control volume mix level on the software with your mouse)also you can only control 2 FX (unless you are quick with the mouse, or possible map the on off to a keyboard shortcut in the software), at a time instead of the 6 on the SB2.
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