Pioneer Ddj S1

5 stars AND a buyer beware? Read on!The Pioneer DDJ-S1 is a fantastic, robust unit that runs most of the Serato DJ functions out of the box. The lone 'issue' is that it has 5 hot cue/sample controls vs the full 8 like the newer DDJ-SR and DDJ-SX models - hence the 4 stars and not 5.

  • I prefer the balance and weight of these platters as opposed to the SR and SX though - with the key word there being prefer - it is really just that..
  • I also liked that the layout was very similar to using a pair of CDJs and a Pioneer mixer so the learning curve was little to none.Where's the buyer beware?Pioneer made 2 versions of the DDJ-S1 - the original DDJ-S1 Serato ITCH DJ Controller which was discontinued at some point [..] and replaced by the current DDJ-S1 Serato DJ Edition[..].
  • I originally bought a DDJ-S1 in September of 2013 and was supplied with a DDJ-S1 Serato DJ Edition by Amazon LLC.
  • I was pleased with the unit and the purchase.
  • As advertised on AND that lists Amazon as a reseller.
  • In December I decided to buy another unit and waited until the christmas period was over to do so.

I went back into my orders and found the original order, opened the page, was notified that I had previously purchased the item and click buy.

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