Pioneer Traktor

Using the Multi Player as a TRAKTOR PRO/PRO 2 controller

The CDJ-350 is equipped with a computer control mode that allows DJ software developed by other companies to be controlled upon connecting the Multi Player to a computer with a USB cable.

Operating TRAKTOR PRO/PRO 2 with the Multi Player Buttons

• Mac OS is the trademark of Apple Inc. registered in the United States of America and other countries. Connect the Multi Player (or players, if more than one are to be connected*) to the computer with the use of a USB cable. *Up to 4 Multi Players can be connected to the TRAKTOR PRO/PRO 2. Connecting with TRAKTOR PRO/PRO 2. If the old version of the MIDI mapping file (PIONEER_CDJ-350.tsi) has already been imported into TRAKTOR PRO/PRO 2, please delete it before importing the new version.

Using Multi Players as TRAKTOR PRO/PRO 2 Audio Output Devices

Delete the old version from TRAKTOR PRO/PRO 2 according to the following steps. The following steps are not required if you are importing the MIDI mapping file (PIONEER_CDJ-350.tsi) for the first time.


Skip to “’Using the Multi player as a TRAKTOR PRO/PRO 2 controller” on page 7. This example shows the operation on TRAKTOR PRO for Windows. The operation is the same on the Macintosh, except that the menu name changes from [File] to [Traktor]. Start TRAKTOR PRO/PRO 2. On the [File] menu, select [Preferences..] to display the [Preferences..] screen. On the menu list on the left panel of the screen, click [Controller Manager].

Multiplayer [CDJ-350]

The right side of the screen will switch to [Controller Manager] settings. Check the selection under [Device Setup]. Confirm that [Generic MIDI] is selected for [Device]. If the option is not selected, click ▽ and select the corresponding option from the pulldown menu. In [Device Setup], click [Edit..]. A pulldown menu will be displayed.

Select [Delete] from the pull down menu. Click [Yes] when the popup window confirming if you would like to perform the operation or not is displayed.

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