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Diner Dash: Flo on the go takes you and your friend, Darla, on a cruise ship for a well-deserved time out. The restaurant closed, beach sun and sand. Turns out, this vacation shifts into an eventful one. Luggage lost and ready to board a cruise ship headed to her dream rest, Flo now needs to work and serve customers on the ship.

Striking a deal with the captain, Flo and Darla now must work. Serving nine types of customers in this Diner Dash version, seven are returning, Families, Businesswomen, Cellphone Addicts, Bookworms, Kindly Seniors, and Joggers.

Upgrade your restaurant and make it a stylish eatery

Two new customer versions are also present in the cruise ship, Tourists and Lovebirds. Tourists expect fast service and tip higher while Lovebirds are patient but may disturb other customers.

As with other Diner Dash games, secret levels are also available to test the player in chaining and matching the type of customers to the appropriate service. Flo’s closet also makes a return where you can sort clothing for Head, Shirt, Apron, and Shoes.

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These objects need to match the current level's theme, as this adds to the stars that you earn.


Watch out for the hearts above the customers' heads as they indicate the level of service they are being given.


Progress well enough in the game, and you might be given a chance by the captain and take you on an extraordinary ride in Diner Dash: Flo On The Go.


Where can I play Diner Dash without downloading it?

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Where can I download Diner Dash?

You can download Diner Dash as a web application at CrazyGames.

Do I need Flash to play Diner Dash?

Not anymore, on CrazyGames Diner Dash is HTML5, no Flash player required.

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