Podbot Cs

Hello everyone, today i going to show you how to install podbots in Counter Strike 1.6
  1. pb_minbotskill (value) - Sets the minimum Skill if Bots are created without specifying the Skill.
  2. Correct values are 1-100. pb_maxbotskill (value) - Sets the maximum Skill if Bots are created without specifying the Skill.
  3. Must be bigger than minbotskill (or at least equal) of course !
  4. Correct values are minbotskill-100.
  5. pb_minbots (value) - configure the minimum number of bots that will run on the server.
  6. pb_maxbots (value) - configure the maximum number: a) of bots + humans (if pb_bot_quota_match is 0) b) of bots (if pb_bot_quota_match is grater than 0) that will be possible to run on the server (so it doesn't mean it will automatically add any bot to the server).
  7. If You don't specify pb_minbots/pb_maxbots (You will comment them out in Your podbot.cfg) then the function auto/add kick bot (described a bit below) will not work (if pb_maxbots is not assigned in podbot.cfg, then the default is 0 for it).
  8. If You specify them - then they will support a minimum and maximum number of bots running on the server.
win32 addons/podbot/podbot_mm.dll
And here you go, launch the game, play the new game, and the bots will automatic joins...
Press = to open the Podbot menu
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