Pokemon Flare Rom Hack

Pokemon Flare has been started to develop by PokemonAce123 since 2015.

Today, he has almost completed this project and you can play until fighting Elite Four.

Many features are added in Pokemon Flare, the list of features is below. We will keep updating this game when the newer versions are available. You can play it in your free time, don’t forget to use Saving State function to keep your progress easily. You can bookmark this page and our website for more informations about Pokemon Hacking.

You won’t miss any new hacks. Yeah, now you can travel through Kanto backwards.

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15. Pokemon Godra

Fairy-types are added. New Gen 4-6 Moves. TM’s can be used more than once.

6. Pokemon Dark Rising

Awesome HG/SS Music. New Legendaries.

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