Pokemon Sun Flare Cheat Codes

Pokemon Altair and Sirius are ROM hacks that were developed similar to the regular games. They are dual games with the same features but vary in terms of the Pokemon lineup.

These games also have a plethora of Fakemon and utilize the assets of Emerald as its base. That being said, we’re going to put up a list of working Pokemon Altair cheats.

These cheats are mostly for Altair but considering that both ROM hacks are based on Emerald.

In Closing

Then again, we would like to emphasize that these cheats are for Pokemon Altair.

Pokemon FireRed Cheats via Gameshark codes

wdt_IDPokemon gameGen.
1Red / BlueI
3Gold / SilverII
5Ruby / SapphireIII
6FireRed / LeafGreenIII
7Diamond / PearlIV
9HeartGold / SoulSilverIV
10Black / WhiteV
11Black 2 / White 2V
12X / YVI
13Omega Ruby / Alpha SapphireVI
14Sun / MoonVII
15Ultra Sun / Ultra MoonVII
16Let's Go, Pikachu! / Let's Go, Eevee!VII
17Sword / ShieldVIII
18MastersVII spin-off
19Rumble Rush
23Mystery Dungeon DXVIII - side series

List of Working Pokemon Altair Cheats

wdt_IDPokemon Game CheatsROM Base
1Pokemon AshGrayFireRed
2Pokemon Dark RisingFireRed
3Pokemon GaiaFireRed
4Pokemon Ultra Shiny Gold SigmaFireRed
5Pokemon Cloud WhiteFireRed
6Pokemon Adventure Red ChapterFireRed
7Pokemon Cloud White 2FireRed
8Pokemon Dark Rising 2FireRed
9Pokemon Dark VioletFireRed
10Pokemon CloverFireRed
11Pokemon Liquid CrystalFireRed
12Pokemon Resolute VersionEmerald
13Pokemon Mega PowerEmerald
14Pokemon GlazedEmerald
15Pokemon Theta Emerald EXEmerald
16Pokemon Mega Emerald X Y EditionEmerald
17Pokemon Flora SkyEmerald
18Pokemon Theta Emerald RenevEmerald
19Pokemon Victory FireEmerald
20Pokemon CAWPSEmerald
21Pokemon Blazed GlazedEmerald
22Pokemon Advanced AdventureLeafGreen
23Pokemon Light PlatinumRuby
24Pokemon PrismCrystal
25Pokemon OutlawFireRed
26Pokemon Ultra VioletFireRed
27Pokemon Delta EmeraldEmerald
28Pokemon FireRed Rocket EditionFireRed
29Pokemon SaiphFireRed
30Pokemon Hyper EmeraldEmerald
31Pokemon UnboundFireRed
32Pokemon Radical RedFireRed
33Pokemon Glazed RebornEmerald
34Pokemon Mega Light PlatinumRuby
35Pokemon Super Mega EmeraldEmerald
36Dragon Ball Z Team TrainingFireRed
37Pokemon Giratina Strikes BackRuby
39Pokemon The Last Fire RedFireRed
40Pokemon Mega OriginsFireRed
41Pokemon Fire Red KalosFireRed
42Pokemon Blazing EmeraldEmerald
43Pokemon Moon EmeraldEmerald
44Nameless FireRed ProjectFireRed
45Pokemon Emerald KaizoEmerald
46Pokemon EclipseFireRed
47Pokemon Nameless VersionFireRed
48Pokemon GS ChroniclesFireRed
49Pokemon SorsFireRed
50Pokemon Cloud White 3FireRed
51Pokemon League Of LegendsEmerald
52Pokemon Cosmic EmeraldEmerald
53Pokemon DreamsFireRed


Please note: Remember to put the cheats as either Game Shark or Code Breaker so that they will work. We’ll also add other information with what you need to do to make the cheat work.

Best practices

For MyBoy users, cheat types are automatically detected, so no need to select the type manually. List of Working Pokemon Altair Cheats. Other Emerald Based ROM Hacks. These Pokemon Altair cheats will modify certain items to those that you may want to get.

Unfortunately, they can be bought at the Poke Mart, which means that you need to have money to buy them.
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