Pokemon Sun Flare

Get wild on the region with your new Alolan starters in this cool Pokemon Fire Red hack called Pokemon Sun Flare Edition!
With new starters, gym leaders, and even roaming Pokemon, you will never get bored with this cool hack.
Hey guys, I'm mlem (previously PokemonAce123) and here's my hack, Pokemon Flare.
This hack is a classic journey through Kanto...backwards....or is it?
Team Rocket is going after the three birds! Will you be able to stop them? Come along on this adventure and find out!
Now...on to some features...
-Travel through Kanto backwards
-Physical/Special Split
-Gen 4-6 Moves
-TM's can be used more than once!
-All starters available!
-Toggleable Exp. All!
-Fight Elite 4 in any order you'd like
-Gym Leader Rematches after you beat the Elite 4
-Fun minigames which let you pay $5000 to win anything from a Magikarp to a Rayquaza
-The chance to destroy Team Rocket's hopes and dreams (unless they destroy yours...)

Just a note about the Exp. All:
Keeping the Exp. All on throughout the entire game will make your team extremely overleveled and takes away the challenge so if you want an authentic experience leave it off.

Black - Minor bug
Red - Game Breaking Bug
-Status conditions don't display properly in the first rival battle
-Exp. Share gives double exp. to the Pokémon holding it instead of splitting it in half like it should (Feature maybe? Lol)
-There are some dialogues which may not be decapitalized for whatever reason...
-If you find any others, let me know asap so I can try to fix them!
And now....the screenies!
PokemonAce123 - the one overseeing everything and doing 95% of the work
All of my amazing beta testers - for not slacking and helping me squash all the bugs, especially Red for making a Word document with all Pokémon locations :)
Gamefreak/Nintendo - For Pokémon Fire Red (Everything is property of Nintendo, I own nothing )
Foullump - Pokescript tutorials back when I started out
Diegoisawesome - XSE tutorial
Mr. Dollsteak - Rombase
Spherical Ice - Pokemart sells more items with more badges script
HackMew - a lot of the tools we have today are thanks to HackMew's brilliance
Lunos, Daman, Wobb, BreadCrumbs, FBI, Touched, ASD, 5qwerty, Petuuuhhh - Teaching me how to actually use XSE and how to insert ASM routines, a lot of help on both ends, I will be forever grateful <3, and for all the support you guys have given me
The entire Rom Hacking discord - for being awesome
If I left anyone out, let me know!
Q: Can I go back to the three islands once I leave?
once you're six gyms in you'll go back for plot-related stuff

Q: Where do I find [insert Pokémon here]?
A: Look at the Locations document
Q: How do I evolve trade evolutions?
A: Kanto trade evolutions evolve at Level 45, Johto trade evolutions evolve at Level 60
Q: How do I evolve Slowpoke?
A: Slowpoke evolves into Slowbro if Defense > Attack at Level 40, and into Slowking if Attack > Defense at Level 40
Q4: Where do I find [insert HM here]?
HM01 Cut:
Encounter Ash Greninja and get the new Mega Evolutions. Pokemon Sun Flare Edition is a ROM hack of the popular game Pokemon Fire Red Version for the Game Boy Advance (GBA) handheld device.

HM02 Fly:
HM03 Surf:
HM04 Strength:
HM05 Flash:
HM06 Rock Smash:
HM07 Waterfall:

Q: Which Pokémon are obtainable in this hack?
Most Pokémon from the first 3 gens (Bulbasaur to Deoxys) are in. There are no new gen Pokémon, nor any plans to add them ever.
Q: I beat the Champion, what do I do next?
1. Congrats! Go tell your dad you became Champion! There was a guard blocking a gate off in Saffron until someone became the Champion. There's a nice surprise waiting for you there.
2. There was a building you couldn't enter in Viridian, try going in there for a fun time.
3. If you haven't done so already, there are static legendary encounters such as the three birds, Mewtwo, the three beasts, Celebi, Lugia, and Ho-oh. For more legendaries, play the lottery on Two Island!
4. The Trainer Tower is open in case you're interested, as well as the Tanoby Ruins (explore at your own risk)!
5. If you want, you can complete most of the Pokédex so try out a catch 'em all if you want!
6. Gym Leader Rematches: you can rematch any of the gym leaders (aside from Giovanni)!
7. After doing 1-2, talk to your dad one more time for a final piece of dialogue to finish off the game :)

Patch onto a clean Pokémon Fire Red 1.0 Rom (I used 1636 Squirrels)
See the spoiler for details and if you wanna be spoiled, I guess...
Talk to White in Cerulean Cave if you're stuck (reload the area obviously), and please make sure you didn't fight Mewtwo otherwise it won't work properly

Old releases:
This release ends after you get your 6th badge, but there's a bonus fight for those who are interested...
Cerulean Gym as of 7/24/17: https://www.mediafire.com/file/zx8qx7o31o5p9oj/Pokemon_Flare.ups
7th Gym beta is finally here! Ends after 7th gym battle!
7th gym as of 8/27/17: https://www.mediafire.com/file/3skkt5fepg5jg9j/Pokemon%20Flare.ups
8th Gym beta is here! Yay! Officially ends after the 8th gym, but there's an optional (in this beta) rival battle afterwards!
8th gym as of 1/3/2018: http://www.mediafire.com/file/jfc0l9yeysdlnh9/Pokemon%20Flare%20Gym%208.ups

If you wanna help out with the hack in any way or want sneak peeks of what's to come, join the Discord server!
Join the hack's Discord server here! ---> https://discord.gg/XcevBuc
7-21-17 - S.S. Anne Release, ends before you go on S.S. Anne
7-24-17 - Cerulean Gym Release, ends with 6 badges
8-27-17 - 7th Gym release, ends with 7 badges
1-3-2018 - 8th gym release, ends with 8 badges
1-15-2019 Final Version 1.0 Released
1-20-2019 Final Version 1.01 Released
1-23-2019 Final Version 1.02 Released
3-4-2019 Pokémon Locations Word Document and Download 1.02 directly from here :)
11-9-2020 Added in a proper FAQ section and a few other stuff to this post :)
  • Thus, this game features Alolan starters, Alolan Gym leaders, Protagonist from Pokemon Sun/Moon versions, and more. The author also reduced the overall difficulty of the game so players can freely roam around and enjoy collecting the new Pokemon without much resistance.
  • All the new Pokemon and Fakemon, Mega Evolutions and Z-Moves are recorded in the Rotom Pokedex. Discover something new with the new events and areas as you re-explore the region and have fun.
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