Post It Notes For Mac

Use Post-it® Notes anywhere and anytime. Post-it® App brings the simplicity of Post-it® Notes to your iPhone, iPad and Mac. Whether you use Post-it® Notes for teamwork and collaboration, or for reminders and personal note taking, Post-it® App helps you keep the momentum going.If you work from home or as a student in remote learning, use the Post-it® App to share your ideas with co-workers, structure your assignments and share them with your teacher, or create colorful calendars and share them with your friends.Simply capture analog notes with your camera or create digital notes right on your device.

Arrange, refine and organize ideas anyway you see fit. Collaborate and share notes with co-workers, teachers and friends, or export to your favorite apps and cloud services—including Miro, Trello, Dropbox, iCloud, PowerPoint, Excel, PDF, and more.Post-it® App features:• Connect and share ideas from anywhere with co-workers and friends, whether it be a workshop, a brainstorm or you simply want to share notes with each other.• Capture more than 200 Post-it® Notes at a time with your camera.

All our popular note sizes are supported.• Transcribe your notes automatically using Handwriting Recognition. Great for search and exports.• Draw, erase, type and change the color of your notes using powerful editing tools.• Organize your way—group your ideas by thought or simply organize on a grid.• Share to your favorite formats and cloud services to continue working on your ideas digitally—supports Miro, Trello, Dropbox, PowerPoint, Excel, PDF, and more.• Use our widget to put your most important notes directly on your home screen.• Keep your notes and boards in sync across all your Apple devices with iCloud.

Add a list to a note

You can capture Post-it® Notes with your iPhone and edit the board on your Mac before you share with your team.Learn more about Post-it® App at

• Optimized for iPhones with 120Hz ProMotion displays.• Minor improvements and bug fixes. 3M Company’s free app is a terrific solution for organizing and preserving real-world Post-it notes.

It’s incredibly easy to use: just snap an image of your notes, then arrange them however you like on virtual boards—or quickly share notes via email or social media.

I thought this app would be kind of useless.. but it’s been kind of life-changing. I have a color-coded board of 250+ post-its I’m using to organize everything my team is doing at work.

I have calendars and lists and reminders, but especially for nebulous ideas, conversation-planning, brain-storming, long-term ideas that I can’t just check off on a list..

I love being able to see everything visually (even if it’s kind of giving me heartburn to see 250+ things I have to do).

I can even share with my team when I want to.The app is great for note-taking, too. I can organize notes on different research topics or ideas according to subject matter, so I can synthesize from different sources without flipping through a thousand pages in a notebook.


The best part is having everything in my phone. Nothing to lose, nothing to flip through, nothing to carry around.There are plenty of color options, but I would love a few more. And I’d like an option to just duplicate a post-it.

Sometimes I just need the same idea in more than one place! Or even an option to move a group of post-its to its own board when an idea gets bigger than you thought.

Not only does it handle really well. It supports an assortment of exporting tools. Files types like pdf, csv or even full blown app exports for powerpoint and even Trello for you kanban users out there.I like it a lot actually.

Now if you guys created a printer that could be loaded with sticky notes and have the thing print all my cards onto physical cards..we’d be in the best of both worlds.

Because now I can still purchase and support physical cards on the fly and be able to just generate a board instantly and I would still be comfortable working on my digital or physical platform.An even better idea would be to have a company that already houses your product, like office depot, offer this ability as a feature for the public.

That way we can come in store, win for them and print our boards or cards out as needed with a specialized printer.

Numerous wins here. The camera feature already has the other end showed up in case we want to convert to digital from physical. But the reverse is needed to close the loop and make this app fully functional in a more practical setting. Please add to roadmap.


I think this would boost revenue on all fronts and could even become the next trend of how notes and boards are made.Post it boards can even be developed with specialized fields in place just for this app.

The ability to mass print cards in the stores would be awesome. The developer, 3M Company, indicated that the app’s privacy practices may include handling of data as described below. For more information, see the developer’s privacy policy.

The following data may be collected but it is not linked to your identity:. Privacy practices may vary, for example, based on the features you use or your age.

Up to six family members can use this app with Family Sharing enabled. Modifying this control will update this page automatically. Keep notes, lists, and even pictures in sticky notes on your desktop. You see the notes whenever the Stickies app on your Mac is open.

Important: If you upgraded to macOS Monterey from macOS 10.14 or earlier, follow the onscreen instructions when you first open Stickies to import any sticky notes you may have had in the Stickies widget in Dashboard.

In the Stickies app on your Mac, choose File > New Note.

Your content is saved automatically. The first line of the note is shown in the title bar when you collapse the note. To add a picture or PDF, drag a file to your note. You can also use the Markup tools to crop or rotate pictures and PDF documents in your note, or to write or draw on them.

Find text in notes

See Mark up files. To customize your note, do any of the following:. Change the note color: Choose a color from the Color menu. Change text formatting: Choose Font > Show Fonts.

Select text, then use the Fonts window to format it. Make the note semi-transparent: Choose Window > Translucent. Keep the note in front of other windows: Choose Window > Float on Top.

Tip: If you like how you formatted and customized a note, you can use it as a default template. Select the note, then choose Window > Use as Default. In the Stickies app on your Mac, do any of the following:.

Add a list: Press Option-Tab, enter your first item, then press Return. End a list (and add a regular paragraph): Click at the end of the last list item, then press Return twice.

Increase list level: Click at the beginning of a line in the list, then press Tab.

Decrease list level: Click a line in the list, then press Shift-Tab. In the Stickies app on your Mac, choose Edit > Find > Find, then type text in the Find field. You can also select text, then choose Edit > Find > Use Selection for Find.

Delete a note

To refine your search, you can:. Select the current note or all notes. Deselect Ignore Case to find text that exactly matches the capitalization of your search term. Press Return to start the search.

Click Previous or Next to move to another match. Note: You can also find and replace text. Enter the text in the Replace With field, then choose one of the Replace options.

In the Stickies app on your Mac, do any of the following:. Arrange a note manually: Click the top of a note and drag the note where you want it. Group multiple notes: Choose Window > Arrange By, then choose an option.

Keep a note in front of other windows: Choose Window > Float on Top.

Make a note semi-transparent: Choose Window > Translucent. Collapse or expand a note: Double-click the title bar.

Change the size of a note: Drag the note’s edge (top, bottom, or sides).

View notes

To maximize the note, click the triangle in the top-right corner. Click it again to reduce the note to its original size. See note information: Hold the pointer over the title bar—you see when the note was created and last edited.

If you don’t see your note, verify that the Stickies app is still open.

When Stickies is closed, notes don’t appear on your desktop. You can import a text file as a single note into Stickies or export a note from Stickies as a text file.

You can also export all your notes from the Stickies app and import them into the Notes app, where you can write and organize notes in a single window and see your notes on all your Apple devices.

In the Stickies app on your Mac, do any of the following:.

Import or export a single note: Choose File > Import Text or File > Export Text.

You can import and export notes in common formats such as plain text, RTF, and RTFD (includes graphics). When you export text, you can choose where to save the file.

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