Pro Studio Sound Blaster

At this price the Sound Blaster/Audiology FX-PCIe sound card is a truly great performer. I only use it with a 2.1 speaker system but it clearly supports 5.1 systems along with several tweaking options. Sound is clear and expansive - almost impossible to believe that this level of sound quality is attained at such a low price.A few install/setup notes: I run Windows 10 and herein lies the issue. Clearly, this sound card has been in production for a few years - long before Win10. I used the enclosed CD-ROM setup disc. It is a waste of time & confusing. Just go to: [..] and download the latest Windows 10 Install Pack, extract, and you are all set. The enclosed CD-ROM is intended for windows 7, 8, whatever. When I used the CD-ROM it kept getting hung up during several steps of the install process. When you finally struggle through, you are directed to the link I posted (supra) anyway.OK. We have the sound card installed along the appropriate Win10 drives - yea! You will notice that you now have an FX Control Panel icon installed in your Quick Launce Bar. (If you do not see it expand your Quick Launch bar and there it is!) The default for the card is for a 5.1 system.
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