Ps2 On Android Reddit


I have two of them and far as I know there the only two that work or not a clone of a PSP emulator. Of course I'm talking about the Damon PS2 Pro and Play!. They both seem to kinda run but only one being sold for what ever reason. Now my question and point of this discussion is getting past nestea and fan boy Bias remarks. Is this just a pipe dream and one day can be able to run or is this just a project that may or may not ever run properly due to how unusual internally the PS2 really was? Now there both in very early stages regardless of how long they been in development. Is it hardware why it can't run games well or is it just how hard it is to run OS and rom plus the android side? Gamecube better console hardware wise and played hell a lot better. But yet PS2 is illusive so to speak. Yes fully aware that there two separate beast entirely. But when most people thing of why it's hard to run they go into auto pilot to do to graphics and how much it takes a thole on the processor and mobile devices are just coming around in age of running gamecube near flawlessly in my experience on my S9 I can play Twilight Princess with very good frame rate you really have to pay close attention to see if a frame drops or not. I want the PS2 on my phone cause it's the best dang system made long time had all the greatest titles minus halo and Nintendo IPs. So let me know what you all thing in this community. Thank you.

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