Ps3 Afterglow Controller Reset Button

And behind this is mom oh just push it in just push it in once and thats it no yeah it turns off straightaway. Turn off your PS3 and disconnect the controller. The reset button is located at the back of the controller. You will need a paper clip to press it. Navigate to the "Settings" menu, then select the "Accessories" option.

Choose the "Reassign Controllers" option or the "Controller Vibration Function" option, whichever best suits your needs. Save any changes you have made. Turn on your PS3 and PS3 controller. Plug the new USB dongle into your PS3.Now, press and hold the Home button (power button) on the controller until the LED on the USB dongle and the 4 indicator LED's on the controller are solid.

Hold the Home button for 30 seconds. Enhance your gaming experience with the Afterglow Wireless Controller designed for the PS3. The hassle-free wireless connection, vibration feedback, and compatibility with Energizer Xbox One Chargers makes it the perfect controller for PS3 gamers.

When does PS3 wireless controller go into power save mode?

It sounds like its lost its Bluetooth pairing with your console. Its easy to fix. Just plug the controller into the PS3 using a usb cable and hit the PS Button . It should stop blinking and assign itself to a port.

Why is my Afterglow Controller Blinking Red?

How do I pair my Afterglow Wireless controller to my USB dongle? Plug the new USB dongle into your PS3. Now, press and hold the Home button (power button) on the controller until the LED on the USB dongle and the 4 indicator LED’s on the controller are solid.

Long battery life Lasts for a long time Something else I like is that when charging, the Afterglow glows red.

When it finishes charging, the LEDs change to green to let you know it’s ready to go. Something I find odd is that it uses a micro-USB charging port instead of a USB-C port, but it’s not a bad thing.

Why Won't my Afterglow Controller Connect to my PS3?

Once you have paired your PS3 and the DS3 controller for the first time, you will be able to use it wirelessly from the next time without any issue.

Simply, turn on both the console and the controller and wait for a bit until they connect automatically.

And that’ how you connect your PS3 controller without a USB cable. It’s very simple. Just connect your controller to the console with a USB cable. Once the console detects the controller, it will move to the next screen, which is the software installation.

How do I Turn off my Afterglow PS3 Controller?

Keep a pen drive loaded with the latest PS3 console software. How to Sync a Controller to a Playstation 3 Console.

Turn on your PlayStation 3. Connect a mini USB cable to your controller. Connect the other end of the cable to your PS3. Push the PlayStation button in the middle of the controller to turn it on. Wait for the lights on the controller to stop flashing.

How do I Connect my Afterglow Wireless Controller to my PS3?

It doesn’t connect natively via Bluetooth and you need to plug the little USB dongle into your PS3 to be able to use it. Hence, you lose a USB port. Press Windows and type “bluetooth” in, click on “Bluetooth and other devices settings” when it appears as a result.

How do you put a PS3 controller in pairing mode?

Now click “Add Bluetooth” and make your computer begin searching for a connection. Press and hold the little button to the left of your Afterglow’s charging port for five seconds and then release.

How to reset PlayStation 3 controller on PC?

Reset Your PS3 Controller. Turn off your PS3 console.

Plug the controller into the USB port on the console. Turn on your PS3. Look for a small hole on the back on the controller near the L2 shoulder button.

What to do when your PS3 says connect the controller using a USB cable?

Press the PS button on the controller to re-pair it with the PS3.

Afterglow PS3 Wireless Controller User Guide. 1 Press and hold the Home button on the controller for approximately 3 seconds. 2 Make sure that your controller has a charge.


2) The AFTERGLOW® button on the AP.2 is located near the controller indicator lights on the controller. —Consult the dealer or an experienced radio/TV technician for help.

Malfunctioning Trigger Button

FCC ID for Controller: X5B-PL6422A1 FCC ID for Dongle: X5B-PL6422A2 This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Wireless Link USB Adapter into one of your PlayStation®3’s USB ports while the system is powered on.

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