Psp Gta Vice City Cheats

Werid right That was it. Weapon Set 1 .. LEFT, RIGHT, X, UP, DOWN, SQUARE, LEFT, RIGHT Weapon Set 2 .. LEFT, RIGHT, SQUARE, UP, DOWN, TRIANGLE, LEFT, RIGHT Weapon Set 3 .. LEFT, RIGHT, TRIANGLE, UP, DOWN, CIRCLE, LEFT, RIGHT Get $250000 .. UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, X, X, L1, R1 Armor .. UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, SQUARE, SQUARE, L1, R1 Health .. UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, CIRCLE, CIRCLE, L1, R1 Raise Wanted Level .. UP, RIGHT, SQUARE, SQUARE, DOWN, LEFT, CIRCLE, CIRCLE Never Wanted .. UP, RIGHT, TRIANGLE, TRIANGLE, DOWN, LEFT, X, X Sunny Weather .. LEFT, DOWN, R1, L1, RIGHT, UP, LEFT, CIRCLE Clear Weather .. LEFT, DOWN, R1, L1, RIGHT, UP, LEFT, X Overcast Weather .. LEFT, DOWN, L1, R1, RIGHT, UP, LEFT, SQUARE Rainy Weather .. LEFT, DOWN, L1, R1, .. Read More and Comments. at the houses on the first island u atleast already have 1 car in the garage then take another to it then it shuold say something like there is already a car in then u have to get out of the car and the garage door should open then get in the car that is in ur garage reverse untile ur under the garage door then get out of the car the garage door should still be open then get into the second car drive that into the garage then get out go to the first car(the one that was in thegarage first)and drive that into the garage and wala u have to cars. X,circle,square,triangle,L,r,down,up,left,LIf you have done this correctly the cars in the game should go fast. For this cheat you will need a rocket launcher,a sniper rifle,and body armor.Go to a tall building that has stairs or use a helicopter.Use the rocket launcher to gain 6 wanted stars.Then you should start seeing tankes appear.Now use your sniper to knock out the driver and passenger.Jump of the building and enter the tank and enjoy. Read More and Comments. A) To hijack a large plane, get a helecopter or an ambulance. With the ambulance, get it on the runway and climb on top. When the plane comes by, run fast and jump to the area right behind the wing and press triangle.
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