Rc Helicopter Flight Simulator Software

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Editor’s Rating: 4.6/5. Consider this simulator if you’re new and would like to experience how a sim might help.

It costs less than 40 dollars (at the time of writing) and is quite a versatile tool. This simulator does a reasonable job at mimicking real-world flight scenes. The transmitter connects to a regular computer via USB, which means it doesn’t need external power. The device supports a variety of Flying Model Simulator (FMS) software and is a step up from gaming pads.

Cons: The controller feels a little cheap to the touch but works okay. It can also take some playing around to calibrate the throttle control.

  • It’s still a decent tool despite the few negatives.
  • RC Flight Simulator. A simulation of flying a model helicopter.
  • Operating system:Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10.
  • Report incorrect info. Select one of the models of RC helicopters and fly it in a simulated digital environment with authentic physics, multiple realistic movements, etc.
  • The simulator includes Art-Tech Falcon 3d and the BMI - Cessna types of RCs and features keyboard or alternative controls.

Simulated vs. Real RC Flight

The 0.9 version of RC Flight Simulator is available as a free download on our software library. The RC Flight Simulator installer is commonly called RCF_Simulator.exe. The file size of the latest downloadable installation package is 26.3 MB. The following version: 0.9 is the most frequently downloaded one by the program users.

The program lies within Games, more precisely Simulation. Our built-in antivirus checked this download and rated it as 100% safe. You can run this free PC program on Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 32-bit.

Simulate an RC Plane Controller

This free software is an intellectual property of Awake Dream. From the developer:. The free professional realistic model simulation software. RC Flight Simulator is a realistic model simulation softrware for the rc , it includes 2 models the Art-Tech Falcon 3d and the BMI - Cessna. You can pilot the rc's with your keyboard or with a joystick .

You may want to check out more software, such as Leo's Flight Simulator, Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator or YS FLIGHT SIMULATOR, which might be similar to RC Flight Simulator. Man has been fascinated with flying throughout history but his many attempts to create flight-enabling contraptions often met with disaster.

Yet, even when we have created successful flying machines, human error has kept us grounded. Staying in the air is not easy. It takes practice. Flight — including RC flying — is a gravity-defying feat that requires patience.

1. 6CH G4 XTR5.0 RC SIM for Helicopter | Best Budget

Don't want to read about the thrill of flying? Fly right into the RC Flight Simulators:. RC Helicopter Flight Simulators. Everyone else: keep reading, take the poll, and get some tips on using RC flight simulators. Oh, and then go look at all the free, demo, and commercial software for learning to fly RC aircraft. When Daedalus crafted wings of feathers and wax for his young son, Icarus, he warned the boy before taking flight over the sea, "don't fly too close to the ground for your wings will get wet; but, don't fly too high for your wings are made of wax and the sun will melt them and you will surely fall."

Virtual Flight, Real Fun

But Icarus, caught up in the thrill of flying, flew too close to the sun. Daedalus' warnings are just as applicable to today's radio controlled airplanes. If you fly too close to the ground, you're likely to crash. If you fly too high your RC plane will be out of range and you'll be unable to control it. Your RC plane will fall from the sky and crash to the ground.

Like Icarus, though, it's easy to get caught up in the thrill of flying. But that thrill is short-lived when you crash your RC plane after only a few minutes of soaring. Before you take your new RC plane out for a test-flight, or even before you buy your first RC plane or helicopter, it would be worthwhile to invest in some flying lessons.

Thrill of Flying

I want to fly but, as luck and skill would have it, "I am no pilot!" I've crashed every plane I've owned, some within just minutes of take off. Learn from my mistakes. Earn your wings with RC flight simulators and a virtual plane.

Try to Fly Before You Buy

I have found several RC flight simulation titles that are free to download.

Some are entirely free. Others are demo versions. Or, jump in feet first with a full-featured commercial RC flight simulator such as RealFlight G4. Try one of these and learn to fly RC airplanes and RC helicopters from the safety of your computer screen. These RC Airplane Flight Simulators include the free FMS and the very basic (but free) Manuel's Radio Control Flight Simulator.

There are also demo versions of RC Plane Master and several programs featuring airplanes and helicopters. These include demo versions of ClearView, RealFlight G4, and RC Flight Master eXtreme64. Buying multiple RC airplanes and helicopters and then learning to fly with them is costly and likely to be disappointing.

Training yourself with RC flight simulators is a more practical approach to learning to fly RC airplanes. So before you go out there and buy RC aircraft and spend a ton of money replacing it time and time again due to multiple crashes, study up and train yourself in the principles of RC flight.

Skill of Flying

This preparation can lead to a long and enjoyable experience in flying RC planes.

Next: Simulate an RC Plane Controller. Everything About Radio Controlled (RC) Vehicles. RC flight simulation software comes with models of RC airplanes and flying sites that help you virtually recreate RC flying conditions.

6CH G4 XTR5.0 Sim Highlights

But part of the RC flying experience is the tools you use the control the aircraft — your radio controller.

If you use FMS or other RC flying software that supports it, I suggest using a controller that has two analog joysticks like those found on a PlayStation. These operate more like the controllers for real RC planes and helicopters. The game pad controllers are around $15-$20 in the electronics and games department at your local retail stores.


Some of these RC flight simulators will also work with your own RC controller as long as your controller has connections for an interface cable (such as USB or serial) that connects the controller to your computer.

Others come with real transmitter controllers or cable adapters for various types of transmitters. Or, you can go to your local hobby store to buy a training controller which has its own training software for flying RC planes.

DYNAM 6-Channel FMS USB RC Flight Simulator Software

RealFlight Flight Simulators by Great Planes come with thousands of miles of flying fields, flight recording and playback features, add-ons for more aircraft and flying sites, and an InterLink Plus controller that acts as your RC aircraft controller or can be connected to your own transmitter.

It has a demo version that is controlled by your computer keyboard. Not great for real flight practice, but it lets you sample the software. Check out it and other RC Airplane Flight Simulators. Flight simulation software doesn't guarantee you'll never fly too low or fly too high. It won't totally eliminate all crashes.

Lutema Heligram RC 2.4GHz Flight Simulator for Helicopters

But it is one way to help you get more enjoyment from your RC flying experience by giving you more confidence, some "safe" practice, and allowing you to get comfortable with controlling an RC airplane.

When you do take-off on your first real RC flight you'll be better acquainted with how to control your RC plane or helicopter. RC flight simulators, just like RC racing software, aren't just for learning how to use your RC plane or helicopter. During breaks at the office, after dark, or on rainy or windy days when you can't fly the real thing, crank up your RC flight simulator for some real virtual flying fun.

Absolute RC Simulator App (Free to Use)

RC Remote Control Real Toy Helicopter and RC Quadcopter Simulator Game is a realistic and an epic drone flying and simulation game for RC flying lovers with cool and realistic 3D addictive graphics and mission with stunning features.

Fly you extreme toy choppers around and inside the house in free flight or time challenging mode. The flying adventure awaits you. Take control of a super realistic RC toy helicopter while sitting in your own house. Take your toy extreme RC Heli for a stunt spin in this simple game and practice your skills without crashing your super realistic RC helicopter toy and go on flying.

Keep your airplane flying simulator, airbus or Boeing RC Comanche helicopter steady in air don't lose your flight attitude level. RC Helicopter flying simulator is a drone like helicopter simulator that takes you back to your childhood.

Helicopter 3D Rescue Simulator App for Planes and Choppers (Free)

This exciting remote controlled and radio controlled helicopter flight simulation game has rookie aviator and amazing choppers.

Go behind enemy lines and cross the red canyon, swing your Comanche copter through the hurdles and waypoint to reach the helipad and clear the mission. Navigate your helicopter chopper drone using your super flying skills, this game of helicopter simulator. This RC toy extreme helicopter Quadcopter simulator is a cool simulation game, buckle up and Get ready for an extreme drone flying adventure.

City Plane 3D Aircraft Pilot Flight Simulator (Free Download)

This RC Helicopter Simulator 3D is the latest Helicopter flight simulator game where you get to fly a collection of amazing radio-controlled helicopters in the house and outside in the back yard!

Fly your choice of helicopter chopper in different models like cobra, apache and gunship helicopters, in realistic model behavior, life like flying fields. Try not to crash your helicopters with house stuff and furniture, try to complete the tasks before the time ends, Crashing the toy chopper heli helicopters and RC models of remote controls cost nothing, so nothing to worry about and learn to master the flying and simulation skills without any fear.

Airplane Flight Simulator RC by RC i6 Games (Free Download)

Be the best skilled RC Helicopter pilot; take control of an RC Helicopter and enjoy and unlock various chopper flying missions with 3D Chinook Helicopter, Cobra Apache heli battle gunship models in exciting simulation modes.

The exciting missions of RC Toy Helicopter Simulator includes mission like flying simulating and shooting missiles at enemies, rescuing people, knocking over obstacles with wrecking balls, collecting objects, using super-powerful magnets to collect hazards and much more. Simulate and fly various rotary and fixed wing VTOL aircraft and helicopters with flight control simulation, engaging parking scenarios for an immersive real 3D RC helicopter simulation experience,.

Summing Up

This RC Remote Control real extreme helicopter simulator is not an apache gunship heli battle, helicopter landing simulator, or helicopter cargo transporter simulator with military scenarios that spread violence, mass destruction and conflicts. This is a real toy RC helicopter flying simulator games for kids and adults of all ages who love to play and fly RC Helicopter games.

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