Remote Console Kvm

Our technicians can attach a remote console to any of your Hetzner dedicated root servers.

This remote console provides KVM (keyboard, video and mouse) over-IP functions and enables full BIOS level control of the server.

It is useful for troubleshooting a server, especially in cases where you can't use SSH. You can access the boot menu and fix network configuration errors.

  • The console has virtual media support, so you can use it to install a custom operating system by mounting an ISO file.

  • The name we use for one of our remote consoles is KVM Console. This term comes from the name of the original remote consoles that we provided several years ago. We have updated the system since then, but we kept the old name.

A KVM Console is free for 3 hours. If you need it for a longer period of time, you can book it for 3 more hours for just € 8.40 (not including VAT).

Important note: Java is required when you use the KVM console features.

  • Since the number of KVM Consoles in each DC is limited, we recommend that you order the KVM Console in advance.

  • Please request a KVM Console directly via Robot. To do so, log into Robot, go to Servers, select your server, and click on the Support tab.

  • You will see a support form.

  • Here, please select Remote Console.

Using the KVM Console

You can then choose if you want it immediately, or if you want to make an appointment for when you want it. You can also enter how long you want it, and you can write a note to our support team in the 'Comment' area if you want to.

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