Rocket League Konami Code Ps4

What Rocket League Redeem Codes are available in the-game for getting free customization items now? A guide on the full list of newest active and all redeem codes that give out free Rocket League items now. What is Redeem Code in Rocket League? The code you can use to redeem free Rocket League customization items (decals, wheels, toppers, banners, antennas, goal explosions etc.) for your battle-car in-game.

Rocket League Redeem Code

These redeemable items are always specific themed, such as the WWE banners. How To Get Rocket League Redeem Code?You don’t need to play any matches and spend real money, all the redeem codes are released by Psyonix for free.There are few ways to get the free Rocket League Codes:.

Rocket League Codes 2022 Wiki⇓

lPsyonix announcement or their promotional partner,. lHidden in a Rocket League trailer,. lWith a Rocket League Product,. So for getting the redeem codes for the first time, we do suggest you can follow Rocket League official Twitter or subscribe to the official Youtube Channel.

How To Redeem Rocket League Codes?

How To Use the Rocket League Redeem Code?

Follow the below steps:.

  • Launch Your Rocket League.
  • Go to the Main Menu (After The Title Screen).
  • Select the “EXTRAS” option.
  • Select the “REDEEM CODE” option.
  • Enter the valid redemption code in the blank.
  • Submit by click “OK”.
  • More Things You Need To Know:.
  • lYou Can Only Enter A Code ONCE.

Rocket League Redeem Code List & Free Items You Can Get (All Active Codes)

  1. lYou Can Trade Most Items From Codes.
  2. lIf You Trade An Item Earned By Redeeming A Code You Cannot Get That Item Back Unless You Trade For Another One.
  3. Code: wrestlemania (Not Active). Free Items: 2 random WWE banners, antennas, wheels.
  4. Code: wwedads (Not Active). Free Items: 2 random WWE banners, antennas, wheels.
  5. Code: WWE18 (Not Active). Free Items: 2 random WWE banners, antennas, wheels.

Rocket League Easter Egg

Code: rlbirthday (Not Active).

Free Items: 2 random WWE banners, antennas, wheels. Code: Popcorn (Active). Free Items: Pop Corn Boost That Behaves Much Like The Nuts And Bolts Boost.

How to active Rocket League Konami Code on Xbox One, PC, PS4

Code: RLNITRO (Active).

Free Items: Assortment Of Antenna And Decals Based Off The TV Show Nitro Circus. Code: shazam (Active). Free Items: Limited Octane: shazam decal for & limited shazam wheels. Code: Truffleshuffle (Active). Free Items: Limited Octane: The Goonies Decal Emblazoned With The Classic Line: Never Say Die.

Code: Bekind (Active). Free Items: Limited V.C.R Topper.

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