Roland Srx Orchestra Synthesizer Software

This article was Written By. Our Product Research Team. Roland's SRX expansion boards ushered in a new era of sampling and sound synthesis for workstations of the 2000s onward. The Roland SRX Orchestra collection brings more than 425 highly sought symphonic patches — woodwind to choirs, percussion to strings — from the hardware SRX era to the Roland Cloud. These presets arrive chock-full of inspiration for any budding game scorer or seasoned composer, able to create delicate, dynamic solo performances with a steady hand or generate multiple voices from a single keypress. 128-voice polyphony lets you build arrangements with the SRX Orchestra collection you could never achieve with the hardware alone. And thanks to its onboard multi-FX engine and 128 memories per bank, Roland SRX Orchestra powers up your virtual creation studio to glorious new heights.

  • Looking to capture a taste of the SRX EP sound in your Roland Cloud plug-in manager?
  • You'll find what you're after and more in the Roland SRX Orchestra software collection from Sweetwater.
  • SYSTEM-8 hardware compatible. Note: SRX Orchestra requires a free Roland Cloud account and Internet authorization.
  • Brings hundreds of realistic symphonic sounds from Roland's SRX expansion boards to the Roland Cloud.
  • 425 ready-to-play presets: woodwinds, strings, percussion, choirs, and more.

SYSTEM-8 hardware compatible. Lush 128-voice polyphony. 44.1–192kHz sampling frequency. Mac/PC, VST2, VST3, AU, and AAX; 64-Bit only.

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