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After more than two decades, Roland DG still leads the industry in vinyl contour cutting technology. Whether you're looking for large format vinyl cutter machines or desktop vinyl plotters, Roland DG technology enables sign and graphics professionals to create large format signs, vehicle decals, stickers, heat transfer apparel and more.

Green CutContour

Quality and versatility to build your business on . Cut precision graphics up to 24" wide, right form your desktop . Stand now included with purchase – holds roll media and offers smooth set up. Overlap cutting (up to 10x), for cutting thicker media like magnetic materials and card stock.

Perforated Cutting (PerfCutContour)

Three-Year Trouble-Free Warranty. CutStudio software included. Built for a seamless print-then-cut workflow that delivers fast, flawless results . 54" and 64" models available. Intelligent sensor workflow combines with Roland DG large format printers for a precision print-then-cut operation.

Printing and Cutting (CutContour)

Cutting speeds up to 1,530 mm/s with a downforce of up to 600 gf. Expand your media capabilities to include reflective sheets, sandblast mask, and other specialty materials. For almost four decades, Roland DG has led the sign and graphics industry as the foremost provider of vinyl printers and integrated vinyl printer/cutters.

Quickstart Guide

Through continuous innovation, including the world’s first large format integrated inkjet printer/cutter, Roland DG users have been able to grow and diversify their businesses with greater machine versatility and more application options.

Top wrap professionals, from NASCAR race shops to local wrap shops, choose Roland DG printers for premium vehicle wrap production. Whether you need full car wraps, partial wraps or you just want a vinyl printer for car stickers and decals, Roland DGs offer unrivalled color, image quality and long-lasting outdoor ink durability.

Roland DGs have been used to create some of the world’s most eye-catching and memorable graphics for motorcycles, cars, trucks, buses and boats.

Vinyl wrap everything from a motorcycle to a 16-wheeler. Print onto vinyl and create the most professional vehicle graphics.

Print vehicle decals and stickers for quick and easy graphics and profits. Decorate a shop window, wrap an entire wall, or create a giant banner graphic with a Roland DG vinyl printer to transform typical graphics into brilliant works of art.

Roland DG gives you more artistic choices by providing printer options that include Metallic and White inks to give your wall, window and sign graphics an added touch of drama and elegance.

Print onto vinyl to produce dynamic signs, displays and banner graphics. Print onto clear vinyl for effective window graphics. Create large format wall graphics that are works of art.

With a Roland DG, users aren’t limited to vehicles, decals and signage. The list of vinyl graphic possibilities are virtually limitless and users are adding graphics to motorcycle helmets, fridges, washers, doors, campers, floors, musical instruments, surfboards, art sculptures and so much more.

Vinyl printed graphics are used by many creative professionals, including interior designers, set-builders, product customization experts and other artistic people with ingenious ideas.


Add cool printed graphics to doors, floors, pillars, handrails and more.

Surfboards, skateboards and all manner of sports equipment can be wrapped.

Create vehicle wrap graphics, wall graphics, specialty wraps and other large format applications with Roland DG machine solutions that include inkjet printers, integrated printer/cutters or printers paired with cutters.

Roland DG delivers an unmatched combination of quality, reliability, versatility, ease-of-use and low running costs that simply can’t be beat.

Start your project by consulting with the Service Desk Lab Assistant for advice about the best way to plan your project.

The Roland is capable of printing and cutting a variety of materials.

CAMM-1 GR2 Series Large Format Vinyl Cutters

Available in 64-inch and 54-inch models

Certain materials, like canvas or banner, may be printed but not cut. Please see the Service Desk Lab Assistant for a complete list of available materials, sizing, and pricing.

Available in 54-inch and 30-inch models

Go to the Tutorials & Templates page and download the Adobe Illustrator template file for the material that you would like to use.

20-inch in CMYK with White ink and CMYK ink only options

The width of the artboard in each template is set to the maximum printable width of the material. For example, the 30″ vinyl has a max width of 28″, so the artboard for the 30″ White Vinyl is 28″ wide.

Available in 64-inch and 33-inch models

Never adjust the width of the artboard. The height of the artboard is set to 12″ by default. Resize the height of the artboard as needed to accommodate the height of your artwork and cut lines.

GS-24 Desktop Cutter

64-inch printer – purchase as a standalone printer and combine with a GR2 Cutter

Note: Do not push artwork or cut lines flush up to the edge of the art board. If you do, you risk the printer not detecting it.

Available in 54” and 64” model sizes

Leave a tiny margin to be sure that all of your design is included in the print. Fig 1 - Template Layers . The Roland can print an cut on adhesive or fabric transfer vinyl.

64-inch printer - purchase as a standalone printer and combine with a GR2 Cutter

A standard cut (CutContour) means the machine will cut through the adhesive vinyl, but not through the paper backing.

Available in 54” and 64” model sizes

The template file has a Print and a Cutlayer. Place all artwork to be printed on the Print layer. Place all vector paths to be cut on the Cut layer.

Printing Multiple Copies

Fig 2 - CutContour Setup . All vector cut paths should be set to have no fill. Set the stroke to be the green CutContour swatch available in the Swatch Menu.

White Ink

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