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Sailor Moon Pc Game DownloadSailor moon

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Sailor moon pc game download windows 10

Jun 17, 2021 It also adds some in game patches for quality of life (for example it fixed the security flaw that was then fixed with the 1.12 patch of the game), all of which can be enabled/disabled through the settings menu or config files. Sailormoon SuperS - 4th season, Fighting game. This game is a lot like the previous one, but represents the SuperS season. Sailor Moon Another Story - 3rd season, RPG. Explore Tokyo, and help all 10 scouts work together to defeat the bad guys. Sailor Moon Drops on PC and Mac. To have it yourself on your computer Mac or PC, you just have to follow the steps below: Click here = Download Bluestacks Download Nox for PC Download Nox. PC / Computer - 3D Adventures of Sailor Moon - The #1 source for video game models on the internet! The ROM contains the video game files of Bisyoujyo Senshi Sailor Moon and the emulator acts as the game console. To be able to play you must introduce the downloaded ROM in the folder of your emulator. If you still don't have an emulator visit our SNES emulators section where you will find emulators for PC, Android, iOS and Mac that will allow.

Fight with the vigilante girls in Sailor Moon to get the mystical stone of the Dark Kingdom. Join the stars of this famous anime that will never go out of style.

Sailor Moon Pc Game Download Windows 10

The Sailor moon are five very beautiful Girls with amazing and amazing powers able to protect us from the dark forces of humanity. They are teenage girls and very good students. One day a talkative cat convinced Serena Tsukino that she could be a Sailor Monn, a true hero who fights for love and justice, will have to use moon magic to fight against tyrants. Serena is a 14-year-old teenage girl, she studies secondary school and can be a little scary, she tends to cry easily. She is blonde and you can distinguish them from the others by her blue and white school uniform. Despite her phobia, Serena Tsukino will fight against the strongest villains and little by little the fear will disappear, she will become a warrior girl, confident and sure of herself.

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