Samsung Magician To Clone Drive


Want to clone hard drive to Samsung SSD? Many users try to clone source disk to target disk by the following culprit:.

Clone Hard Disk to Samsung SSD via Samsung Data Migration

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    Improve Drive Performance - upgrade HDD to popular SSD. Get more storage space - Upgrade smaller SSD to larger SSD. Old hard drive failure - replace the failing hard drive. If you have the same needs in disk cloning, fortunately, we already found 2 solutions for you - using EaseUS Partition Master and Samsung Magician.

    Pick one of the methods based on your situation. QUICK NAVIGATION:. Preparations before Samsung SSD CloningUsing EaseUS Partition Master to Clone Hard Drive to Samsung SSDClone Hard Disk to Samsung SSD via Samsung Data MigrationHow to Clone Hard Drive to SSD Using Samsung MagicianBonus Tip: Make Cloned Samsung SSD Bootable.

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    Before executing the cloning process, there are some preparations. Clone the source disk to the target disk will erase all data and you can not get it back.

    So if you keep some important files on the target hard drive, please back it up first by using backup software or manually migrate data to another safe place.

Using EaseUS Partition Master to Clone Hard Drive to Samsung SSD


    To ensure your cloning process goes correctly, we recommend you buy a Samsung SSD larger than or equal to the source hard drive. If you bought a smaller target SSD, you may need to move some larger files from the old hard disk to another place.

    Sounds inconvenient. So it's better to prepare a larger SSD.

    If your SSD is a new drive, then you need to initialize the hard disk to access it - Connect the SSD to the computer by USB port and open Disk Management > Right-click the hard disk you want to initialize and click "Initialize Disk".

    Are you ready to clone the hard drive to your Samsung hard disk?

    Select one of the following three ways. 1 - Using EaseUS Partition Master to Clone Hard Drive to Samsung SSD2 - How to Clone Hard Drive to SSD Using Samsung Magician3 - Clone Hard Disk to Samsung SSD via Samsung Data Migration?

    To get a smooth data cloning process, we would like to recommend you a reliable disk cloning software - EaseUS Partition Master.

    More than a hard drive cloning software, you can download and use it to partition your hard drive, adjust the volume by extending, shrink, merge, and split partition.

    It is also good to migrate OS to HDD or SSD, allocate space, partition recovery, and etc.

    Apply 4 steps to clone hard drive:. Select the source disk.

How to Clone Hard Drive to SSD Using Samsung Magician

  • Bonus Tip: Make Cloned Samsung SSD Bootable

    Right-click the disk that you want to copy or clone. Then, select "Clone".

Preparations before Samsung SSD Cloning

  • 1. Clone data on the target Samsung SSD.

    Select the target disk. Choose the wanted HDD/SSD as your destination and click "Next" to continue.

    View the disk layout and edit the target disk partition size. Then click "Continue" when the program warns it will wipe out all data on the target disk. (If you have valuable data on the target disk, back up it in advance.).

3. Connect Samsung SSD to the Computer and Initialize it.

  • 2. Prepare a larger Samsung SSD for data cloning.

    You can select "Autofit the disk", "Clone as the source" or "Edit disk layout" to customize your disk layout. (Select the last one if you want to leave more space for C drive.). Click "Proceed" to start the disk cloning process.

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    To transfer data from an old hard drive to a new one, Samsung Data Migration can quickly move your operating system, applications, and user data from the old storage device to the new Samsung SSD.

    Note: This software only supports the Samsung SSDs. Download Samsung Data Migration from the official website and launch the software.


    Once the software is running, you can see the existing hard drive and the newly connected Samsung SSD. As you can see, this tool will run only if the OS is installed on the source disk. Select up to three-volume for cloning. (The tool will choose the c drive by default.). After choosing, click the Start button and don't disconnect the drive while cloning is in progress. Even though this software is easy to use, but sometimes the Samsung Data Migration is stuck at 0%, 99%, 100%, read the article to get solutions.

    870 QVO

    Can Samsung Magician clone hard drive? If you search how to clone Samsung SSD on google, the search result will relate to use Samsung Magician, but unfortunately, it is a fake result.

    1. Samsung Magician features in drive details, performance benchmark, diagnostic scan, etc, and no CLONE feature so far. This software is designed into the same UI as the Samsung Data Migration. Back to use EaseUS Partition Master or Samsung Data Migration. Click the Power button to restart your computer. Press Del/F2/F10 key to access BIOS. Navigate to the Boot menu and change the boot priority. And then choose the cloned SSD as the boot drive. Press F10 to save & exit and restart your computer. Then your computer will boot from newly SSD.
    2. Clone hard drive can be fixed by two software - EaseUS Partition Master and Samsung Data Migration. The latter software only works for the Samsung device, so we recommend EaseUS Partition Master for widely use and you can improve drive performance with more useful features. Samsung magician. Own a Samsung SSD? No matter which model you have, realizing the full potential of your SSD is easier than ever before.
    3. Samsung Magician’s intuitive user interface puts an advanced suite of optimization tools at your fingertips.
    4. Maximize performance of your internal SSD and portable SSD by monitoring drive health and customizing your SSD. Swift access to key indicators of your SSD’s status and health.
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    Integrative Drive Health Check. Access the status of your SSDs at a glance on a real-time basis over many criteria including over-provisioning ratios, optimization rates, and diagnostic scans.

  • 980 PRO

    As for the Portable SSD SW version Prior to 1.6.10, please download the latest version and reinstall it.

    * Release includes improved security.

    SSD Authenticity. Confirm the authenticity of your drive to ensure you have access to the superior performance and reliability that only comes from a genuine Samsung SSD.

T7 Touch

  • 980 PRO with Heatsink

    Check S.M.A.R.T. to inspect your SSD and detect possible drive Failure before it happens. Maintain your drive’s health and boost performance.

    Performance Benchmark. Check that your SSD is maintaining the highest performance possible.

    Specific conditions such as the test volume, number of tests, chunk size, number of threads, and more can be adjusted to customize your benchmark tests.

    Performance Optimization. Restore the performance of your SSD from degradation by performance enhancement (TRIM) and achieve faster performance through RAPID Mode which is intelligent DRAM caching of data.

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