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As usual, dear followers of Appogames. Today we present to you one of the greatest releases of the famous GTA San Andreas APK OBB.

The plot of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

Three versions are now available, 200MB Highly compressed, 500MB version, 1.84GB Unlimited/Full . As everyone knows that GTA San Andreas Download is available on the Google Play store, but it is not free. That’s why I’m giving it to you today for free. I promise to provide you with all versions of GTA San Andreas APK for all types of devices for free. One of the new features in Unlimited/Full Version (Links below) is that you will enjoy infinite health and free shopping.

So, follow the article to the end to be able to download and install it on your Android device correctly for GTA San Andreas Download. 2The plot of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. 5GTA San Andreas APK Unlimited Everything (Full Version). Perhaps it is the greatest game developed by the Rockstar Games Company. GTA SA APK is the greatest and most widespread games around the world. The game came out for the first time in the year two thousand four. From its time until now it is the most popular and most downloaded on Android devices.


  • The game won a lot of awards. Because of its interactivity, characters, storyline, and tremendous open world with unlimited associations. Read also:GTA San Andreas PPSSPP.
  • The plot of GTA San Andreas APK starts with Carl Johnson leaving Los Santos, San Andreas. He left because the city was on the verge of chaos as gang wars, corruption and drugs were prevalent.
  • After 5 years, it’s now the 90s and Carl needs to get home. His mother has been murdered, his family are being tied together by a thin paper and his friends are all headed to their doom.
  • Upon his return to his neighborhood, some corrupt cops began framing him for homicide he didn’t commit. He’s now forced to undertake a journey across San Andreas to make everything back to normal.
  • Grand Theft Auto San Andreas takes all the good things from its predecessors and makes it even better.
  • It’s still a role-playing game on an open-world but this time, there are a lot more action and drama.

GTA San Andreas Requirements:

  • In this article, I provide you with all versions of GTA San Andreas Download Android, including the original.The versions that I put in your hands are highly compressed, with all the features that will make your experience exciting and great. Open World: Speaking of open world games, nothing beats GTA SA at all.This is the basis of its popularity in the first place.You can do anything you want in GTA’s open world without having to play missions.You can grab any vehicle you want in a car, truck, bike or tank.If you choose a police car, fire brigade or ambulance, you can start playing missions as a policeman, firefighter or paramedic.You can steal other people’s money, weapons and clothes as well.
  • Missions:Without any exaggeration, GTA San Andreas obb contains more than 200 different missions that you can engage in.Your role is to complete the tasks assigned to you by your boss.The boss plays a pivotal role in the story, you can’t control him but it makes GTA San Andreas APK more fun and exciting.It makes it more interactive between you and the open world in front of you.
  • 3D Graphics:Graphics are the base and main component of any game.Based on that, the graphics of GTA are legendary, the story is interesting, and the gameplay is addictive.
  • Guns:It is very interesting that you are allowed to have a large number and variety of weapons.These firearms are sold in three in San Andreas APK stores.Weapons of all kinds, from the regular pistol to the military weapons and bullets.Everything you will find is available.All this allows you to kill people in the game and destroy vehicles such as cars, bikes and trucks.


Police:One of the interesting things about GTA San Andreas APK is that the police will chase you when the number of stars becomes six.Then you have to escape as much as you can because the city police will be after you.To be able to face them you must collect weapons and then destroy them.Also, you can get an aroma tank and have fun crushing everyone.The police will leave you alone if you get a rank.

  • Download GTA SA Lite APK from here for free, I hope you are completely satisfied with our service.There are a lot of people who don’t know the right way to download the game.If you are one of them, I advise you to follow the article to the end to download and install GTA San Andreas APK on your Android device.
  • So here is the direct link to download GTA San Andreas highly compressed APK + OBB file 200Mb, it’s a 7z/Zip file of data so you will need a Decompressor app such as 7zipper or Zarchiever.
  • For it to install Successfully, your android must have at least 400MB free Space.

How to download and install GTA San Andreas APK and OBB in Android phone?

Links APK + OBB Files. This is another 500MB version of the game.It differs from the previous in that the 200MB is a lite version that does not have all the features.As for this has more features and it considered the original version of GTA San Andreas APK.To be able to install this 500MB version successfully, your device must have at least 3 Gigabytes of space.

GTA San Andreas APK + OBB Data 500MB (More Features)

NameGTA San Andreas
DeveloperRockstar Games
Size500 MB Compressed
Game ModeOffline

File Information:

GTA SA Highly Compressed Part 1 (500 MB)Get This File
GTA SA Highly Compressed Part 2 (500 MB)
GTA SA Highly Compressed Part 3 (500 MB)
GTA SA Highly Compressed Part 4 (170 MB)

San Andreas APK is divided into four files, each file has size of 500 Megabytes.

GTA San Andreas APK Unlimited Everything (Full Version)

At first you should download all files. Then just unzip the first file to extract all the data for you into one file.

  • Links APK + OBB Files 4 Parts. Read also: GTA 5 PPSSPP.
  • So we have reached the version that everyone has been waiting for.In this version all the paid features are completely free.
  • Unlimited Money:One of its most important features is that you will get an unlimited amount of money.
  • So you can buy everything meaning everything. Whereas in previous versions of GTA San Andreas APK OBB you need to collect money with difficulty, here it is available for unlimited time.
  • You don’t need to complete any missions to collect money or even kill anyone, just go to the stores and buy what you like.
  • Unlocked Guns:You must complete many missions to get dangerous weapons. But in this version you will never be asked to do so.
  • All weapons without exception will be automatically unlocked.
  • All maps Unlocked:As in the case of weapons, you must complete missions to unlock the maps.

But also here you will find all the maps fully open to you in San Andreas APK.

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