Sbx Pro Studio Suite

New Head-Fier
In order to demonstrate the difference in volume, clarity and punch that our exclusive upgradable Operational Amplifier delivers, we went to a professional recording studio and made comparison recordings. Every effort was made to accurately replicate the end user experience when listening to music or playing a video game. Here is a side by side example comparing the waveforms of a track by Akiko Sunwani. The lower wave form represents the recording made using an Operational Amplifier, the upper waveform using a traditional motherboard audio configuration. As you can see, there is a very tangible difference, with the OP Amp offering a much louder, clearer listening experience, with greater definition between lows and high throughout the track. Upgradable Operational Amplifier: Hear the Difference! Here are some sample clips of the tracks we recorded. Please feel to click on the play button and experience the difference by yourself.
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