Scp Foundation Game Multiplayer

SCP: Site-19 is a mobile multiplayer SCP Foundation based game. Every round map is randomly generated & roles are random. So you never expect who you play as or who you gonna bump into. There are 6 classes in SCP: Site-19:- Class-D- Scientists- Guards- MTF- CI- SCPsAs of right now there are:- SCP-173- SCP-280- SCP-049- SCP-294- SCP-789-J- SCP-914- SCP-396- SCP-100- SCP-895- SCP-012- SCP-087- SCP-079- SCP-096- SCP-106- SCP-012- SCP-5000- SCP-513- SCP-500and more..You can also play mini-games such as Escape SCP-087, Survive SCP-XXXX and etc.

I am planning to add RP mode servers in the near future. Note: The game has in-app purchases to unlock collections that DO NOT affect gameplay at all. This game is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 and is based on The SCP Foundation ( - LCZ elevators bug fix- Main Menu Blank Images & Text fixed- Players can push each other fixed- iOS crashes fixed - Other small improvements and bug fixes .

The update feed says the IOS crash has been fixed, but it keeps crashing the game every time I try to get in a server! I know it’s a lot of work to fix these bugs and everything, but i really want to play the game!

There might be something else cause it to crash, I’m not sure, but if you fix it I’ll give it 5 stars! A 5 star for you today because you delivered in what you promised and you didn’t decide to implement fake multiplayer (ai to mimic humans).

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