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Apart from the original English-language SCP Foundation Wiki, there now exist many different SCP wikis on Wikidot, all written in various languages. Some of these International SCP Wikis have been officially recognized and listed by the International Translation Archive, with their articles having been partially translated into English and other languages.

SCP-INT (International Translation Archive) - Central hub for all the major, official SCP language branches. Includes lists of translated English versions of articles from those wikis. SCP-UN (Underrepresented Languages Incubator) - Secondary hub for the minor, unofficial SCP language branches.

Includes a list of (untranslated) non-English articles which don't have their own wikis. These wikis are sorted in chronological order of when they were first added to the SCP-INT Wiki's official list.

These are smaller wikis which have barely had any of their original articles translated into another language. These are smaller wikis that have very few (if any) of their own original articles, most of it being localized translations from other wikis.

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