Scp Secret Laboratory Download

Based on the popular internet paranormal phenomenon, SCP Secret Laboratory is an online multiplayer game where you and your friends must fight to stay alive in a sinister lab filled with all sorts of eldritch abominations.

Arm yourself with whatever you can find and endure the unstoppable siege of the SCP forces, as you work together – or against – your friends to complete your objectives.

  1. Aside from a considerable amount of technical issues, the overall experience of playing SCP Secret Laboratory is an entertaining one.
  2. The ongoing development and the game’s excellent atmosphere make it an easy recommendation for horror fans looking for a cooperative game.

Free multiplayer horror game

The original idea for SCP Secret Laboratory emerged from the also popular SCP Containment Breach.

The main difference is that while Containment Breach is a single-player experience, Secret Laboratory has been built from the ground up as a cooperative multiplayer game.

In many regards, Secret Laboratory plays like an SCP version of Left 4 Dead: at the beginning of each match, players choose a faction that serves a specific role, each with unique objectives and victory conditions.

This variety keeps the game entertaining for a good while, especially because each class controls quite differently. You have your usual D-Class personnel and Foundation scientists working for the SCP foundation, but you’re also able to choose from a variety of mercenary forces and even the SCP themselves.

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