Scp Secret Laboratory Mod

New classes, objects, and rooms cannot be created. New items cannot be created, but can be faked by modifying existing ones. Class names and descriptions cannot be changed, but this can be done client-side. New mechanics usually can’t be added, but can depending on what the mechanic actually is. Classes can, however, be modified to effectively create new classes. A notable example would be the Serpent’s Hand. Plugins cannot be installed on servers created using the in-game "create game" option. Plugins are installed by placing them in the "plugins" or "sm-plugins" folder in the same directory as the game's .exe file. (No longer valid, multiple different Plugin Systems now run more complicated ways of using plugins). (Some plugin systems include EXILED and Atlas). Admin Toolbox is one of the most frequently used plugins, due to the vast amount of useful commands it adds to the game. (EXILED Plugin). Serpent's Hand is a custom class using the Tutorial model that aids SCPs in winning the game. In-lore the Serpent's Hand is a GOI that believes knowledge of anomalies should be made public and they should be used to aid everyday life.
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