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SCP: Secret Laboratory is a free multiplayer horror game. In a dangerous underground facility, humans either try to escape, help others escape, or take down the monsters within.

  • These monsters, known as SCPs, attempt to wipe out the humans using their anomalous powers.
  • Some of them can kill with a single touch, and others can move at high speeds when not being looked at.A new update for the game known as Parabellum is currently in a public beta state, set to be released officially within the next few weeks.
  • It redesigns and rebalances some of the SCPs, alongside changing numerous mechanics and weapons.

Final Thoughts

  • Staying aware of these changes will help you get a leg up on other players when the Parabellum update officially releases.
  • Huge fan of video games hoping to inform and entertain people. When it comes to multiplayer horror games, the formula is pretty similar across each title.

SCP: Secret Laboratory - Gameplay, Setting, and Mechanics

Players either cooperate with each other against a supernatural force, fight amongst themselves and a supernatural force, or sometimes take control of that supernatural force to take out other players.

There’s quite a bit of variety, but it’s rare when a game truly shakes up the formula.

This is where SCP: Secret Laboratory comes into play. In this free-to-play multiplayer title, players are split across multiple different teams.

Secret Laboratory makes these teams more interesting with their goals; rival teams can find themselves with the same objective, and even people on the same team can end up hurting their allies in order to achieve victory.

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As of right now, the SCP: Secret Laboratory Parabellum update is in the works. Players can opt-in to play it on Steam in a beta format by going into the game’s properties in your library; publicbeta - 11.0.0 is what you should click.

app_update 996560

The full release isn’t quite ready yet, but if previous updates are anything to go by, it should be in a couple of weeks.

app_update 996560 validate


If you haven’t heard of this game before and you’re interested in getting into SCP: Secret Laboratory Parabellum, you should probably know what the game is about first.

Information about the game can be found on its official website. But for those of you that want a quick guide to help you jump in, read on!

steamcmd +force_install_dir +login anonymous +app_update 996560 +app_update 996560 validate +quit


  • This article will help any newcomer to the game, as well as current players that just want to learn more about the Parabellum update.
  • SCP: Secret Laboratory takes place in an underground facility.


Within the facility, there are two main groups - Humans and SCPs. Humans need to escape the facility, help other humans escape, or neutralize any threats remaining in the facility.

SCPs are the “monsters” of this game; using special anomalous powers, their goal is to kill pretty much any human they see.

sudo apt-get install tmux

While generally much weaker than SCPs, humans have a number of tools to fight back.

sudo apt-get install steamcmd

Class-D Personnel and Scientists - Escaping the Facility

One of these tools is the ability to pick items up, such as weapons to use against their enemies or keycards that can help them escape the facility.

Still, the SCPs have massive pools of health and are usually able to kill humans in just a couple of hits, if not instantly. This isn’t particularly scary by itself, but the true horror comes in its multiplayer gameplay.


In your average game of SCP: Secret Laboratory, you won’t ever encounter bots or AI. Every human and every dangerous SCP is meant to be controlled by another player on your server.

The only way to communicate in-game is through voice chat, too - most players use a microphone during gameplay.


Because of this, nearly every game can be different - if you’re lucky, you can strike bargains with some of the deadliest creatures you’ll face.

This won’t always work, of course, but it throws a wrench into the usual structure of each round that makes things very intense..and, many times, very fun as well.

Image from the Steam Community. The most widespread team of the bunch, Class-D Personnel, are orange-garbed humans that have been locked up by the facility’s staff.

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heir goal is to escape the facility alive, whether on their own terms or in handcuffs. Meanwhile, Scientists are the most scarce humans; with a bright white suit and not-very-helpful glasses, their goal is to escape the facility as well.

app_update 996560

But they start off with a keycard that can help give them a head start in their escape.

app_update 996560 validate

SCP: Secret Laboratory Parabellum - New Mechanics and Major Differences

Both of these teams spawn in the Light Containment Zone, the deepest part of the facility.

It’s a randomly generated maze containing numerous locked doors that can only be opened with keycards. The game usually starts out with the objective of finding the room marked “914”, which - when opened with a keycard - contains a station that players can use to upgrade their items.

Using it, players can get the highest tiers of weapons and keycards, allowing them to escape the facility in one fell swoop.

This isn’t the only way players move through the zone, however. Certain rooms may spawn with a gun inside, and either team can use it to kill (or, in the Parabellum update, handcuff) rival humans.

Particularly speedy players might also find other keycards in those rooms, which they can use to open the 914 room without being a scientist..or to try and leave the zone early if the card they find allows it.

  • The Mobile Task Force is a group of players that spawns on the facility’s surface after the round’s start.
  • They come heavily equipped with blue uniforms, powerful guns, high-tier keycards, and items that offer healing and protection.

They can also handcuff Class-D Personnel to help them escape, but that’s just an option - the MTF can usually gun them down at their discretion.

Facility Guards are MTF by a different name, but they spawn at the round’s start.

Mobile Task Force and Facility Guards - Securing the Facility

Their only major differences are their gray uniforms and their generally weaker equipment, along with spawning in the Entrance Zone - the last section of the facility before the escape.

  • They won’t be able to open doors that lead to the surface, though, so Facility Guards will need to head deeper into the facility to find useful keycards in order to do so.
  • At least one scientist or handcuffed Class-D needs to escape in order for the MTF to win; on top of this, they also need to neutralize all other threats in the facility.
  • This is where they face their toughest moments because SCPs - and belligerent Class-D Personnel - aren’t their only foes.

Sometimes, instead of the Mobile Task Force, a different group will spawn on the surface. This group is known as the Chaos Insurgency.

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