Secret Laboratory Scp

Deep within the SCP Foundation during a containment breach, many of the anomalies have bypassed security and escaped from their chambers – without peaceful intentions. Become site personnel, a re-containment agent, or an anomalous entity and fight to take control of or escape the facility!

SCP: Secret Laboratory is a multiplayer horror game, based on SCP – Containment Breach by Undertow Games (in 2012).

SCPs in SCP: Secret Laboratory
Playable SCPsSCP-049 • SCP-049-2 • SCP-079 • SCP-096 • SCP-106 • SCP-173 • SCP-939
Item SCPsSCP-018 • SCP-207 • SCP-268 • SCP-500
Other SCPsSCP-914
Event Only SCPsSCP-330 • SCP-2536
To create this game, Unity engine was used to provide higher stability and more details.

Still being in the beta phase, the game can contain a number of bugs and errors which are usually spotted by a large team of testers and fixed quickly after.

  • It is a completely free horror game based on SCP Foundation creepypasta series.
  • The Foundation focuses on protecting the world from any entity, object or phenomenon which exceeds the all-known idea of normal.
  • The underground facility suffers from multiple breaches from various SCP objects which escape their containment chambers.
  • During this events chain, players are given roles to play:.
  • Did you know that..
  • ..SCP-939 became "Evil SCP-999" during April Fools 2019?
  • ..Chaos Insurgents used to have transparent gas mask lenses?
  • ..SCP-294 was once located at Site-02, but hasn't been returned yet?
  • used to have a female voice?
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