Serial Console Servers

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In general the choice between KVM and serial management has to do with the customer and how they want to manage the equipment and whether it has serial or KVM ports.

If the equipment only has a serial port like networking or telecom equipment then you would use serial. For Linux servers you could use KVM or serial depending on the user's preference. For windows machines mostly KVM is used, but there is also a serial interface.


Serial only provides a command line interface (CLI) so it doesn't require much IP bandwidth and can be very fast especially over low bandwidth lines.

Cisco Compatible Console Server

Serial console servers are less expensive because they are simpler devices. Serial has some cool features where you can cut and paste to and from the server. It also can log the users session and monitor the system log even when the user isn't connected.

Secure Centralized Management

KVM over IP will take up more bandwidth, but provides a graphical user interface that is generally easier to use. KVM provides access to the BIOS level.

It also supports virtual media which is a very powerful feature to copy files back and forth, load software, and even boot an image remotely.

KVM is more expensive because it is more complicated.

Serial Console is currently incompatible with a managed boot diagnostics storage account. To use Serial Console, ensure that you are using a custom storage account.

IOLAN SCG Secure Console Server

Your VM or virtual machine scale set instance must use the resource management deployment model. Classic deployments aren't supported.

Console Server Applications

Your account that uses serial console must have the Virtual Machine Contributor role for the VM and the boot diagnostics storage account. Your VM or virtual machine scale set instance must have a password-based user.

Why Choose a Perle Console Server?

You can create one with the reset password function of the VM access extension. Select Reset password from the Help section. The VM for virtual machine scale set instance must have boot diagnostics enabled.

Out-Of-Band Management White Paper: What is it and Why do I need it?

If you are not seeing anything in the serial console, make sure that boot diagnostics is enabled on your VM or virtual machine scale set. Connect to your Windows virtual machine by using Remote Desktop.

Secure Console Server

From an administrative command prompt, run the following commands:. bcdedit /ems {current} on, or bcdedit /ems '{current}' on if you are using PowerShell. Reboot the system for the SAC console to be enabled.

Select the Console Server with the Out-of-Band access method of your choice:

Attach the windows disk for which you want SAC configured as a data disk to the existing VM. From an administrative command prompt, run the following commands:.

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