Serial Port Terminal Windows 10


The HyperTerminal was an incredibly useful pre-installed Windows tool included before Windows 7.

Tera Term

A darling of power users with hundreds of uses, these days it’s sadly gone. It’s no longer part of Microsoft’s vision for their operating system.

The problem is that plenty of guides, fixes and advice you wouldl find on the internet may still need the HyperTerminal to work.

  • The good news is that there are plenty of great HyperTerminal alternatives for Windows 10 that are only a click away.
  • We’ve rounded up some of the best ones you can try right away. Best of all, they’re all free.
  • A terminal program is a type of application that uses a text-based interface to allow users to access all sorts of services.
  • A terminal is designed as a way to send commands to another computer system.
  • So, unlike the command line program in Windows, a terminal isn’t exclusively designed to control your own local computer.

Using a terminal program, you can send low-level commands through a serial port or through a network connection.

  • Services such as Telnet, were popular use of terminal software.
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64-bit+virtual environment. Serial port is shareable!. Haven't found any alternatives for the 64-bit environment. This tool allows to work with virtual machine and this is really helpful for my work! Pros: virtual machine. 64-bit environment (

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