Serum Torrent Reddit

Not mine. Yes this download works, I've used it myself. I saw the latest version on this sub was like 1.07 or something, so I decided to share this. If anyone has some serum preset packs (other than cumatics, got them all), and you want to share, please feel free to shoot me a pm :)

Win: (GONE) Mac: (GONE)

IMPORTANT EDIT: As of 10/30/2016 both links above do not work anymore, here are some new ones: (Expired)!GhtgGT6B!CXqC4hydAoyvzU1nDFGljoaF1ZZm4dHE2R0WFuY6638 (Copyright Striked)

10/30/2016 Original Supra files removed
10/30/2016 Re-Uploads Released
10/31/2016 Removed Mediafire link because it was blocked
11/14/2016 Post seems to be back up and public again, still no reason why it was down in the first place
11/14/2016 File Dropper and first Mega links updated

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