Shader Model 5 Install

As the technology industry has advanced over the years, older components become less expensive but less compatible with newer units, while newer technology gets increasingly more complex and geared to work with newer systems.

This mayhem of mixing and matching affordable pieces with compatible ones makes it a challenge to troubleshoot errors as they arise, such as the “d3d11-compatible GPU” error that sometimes displays when trying to launch Fortnite.

To fix the d3d11-compatible GPU error, you’ll want to update your Windows, then update your GPU drivers.

If the problem persists, you may need to install the DirectX End-User Runtime file from the internet.

If this error message still displays after following these steps, your GPU may be older than 5 years and not support the required graphics. While the problem may seem like a bigger issue, the solutions are relatively simple.

In this article, I’ll discuss the steps for troubleshooting the “d3d11-compatible GPU” error code so that you can get back to clutching W’s.

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1 How to Fix All Crashes and a d3d11-compatible GPU Error in Fortnite. Though this article is geared toward troubleshooting the “d3d11-compatible GPU” error code, these solutions will work for most common crashes and bugs that one might experience when launching Fortnite.

The catch-all solution to error codes is to update your Windows version to a newer one. Typically, the d3d11-compatible GPU error will display if your Windows version is older than Windows 10, if your OS is the problem.

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