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This section contains the reference pages for HLSL Shader Model 5.

Shader Model 5 is a superset of the capabilites in Shader Model 4. It has been designed using a common-shader core which provides a common set of features to all programmable shaders, which are only programmable using HLSL.

Instruction SetHLSL intrinsic functions
Vertex Shader MaxNo restriction
Pixel Shader MaxNo restriction
New Shader Profiles Addedcs_4_0, gs_4_0*, ps_4_0*, vs_4_0*, cs_4_1, gs_4_1*, ps_4_1*, vs_4_1*, cs_5_0, ds_5_0, gs_5_0, hs_5_0, ps_5_0, vs_5_0

* - gs_4_0, gs_4_1, ps_4_0, ps_4_1, vs_4_0 and vs_4_1 were introduced in Shader Model 4.0, however, DirectX 11 adds support for structured buffers and byte address buffers to Shader Model 4 running on DirectX 10 hardware.

Shader Model 5 introduces the compute shader which provides high-speed general purpose computing.

A more complete listing of Shader Model 5 features is included in a listing of the Direct3D 11 features.

The Shader Model 5 Assembly section describes the assembly instructions that the Shader Model 5 supports.

In This Section

Shader Model 5 Attributes
Reference pages for Shader Model 5 attributes.
Shader Model 5 Intrinsic Functions
Reference pages for Shader Model 5 intrinsic functions.
Shader Model 5 Objects
Reference pages for Shader Model 5 objects and methods.
Shader Model 5 System Values
Reference pages for Shader Model 5 system values.

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