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Free Vinyl Master Pro Shareware and Freeware Downloads by Backfaces Team DOWNLOAD VinylMaster Xpt 4 Full Version. 0-How To: RIP, Print and Cut. An introduction to the all new version 4. 0 of VinylMaster Cut Feb 24, 2007.

An intuitive and user-friendly application that aims to offer you all the necessary tools in creating letterings and logos that you can cut using proper devices

VinylMaster Cut is a fairly complex and effective software solution developed to serve you in a variety of logo and lettering purposes, enabling you to create such signs from scratch and give them a professional look.

Comprehensive yet easy to handle interface

The main window of VinylMaster Cut is advanced in appearance, yet it is quite straight-forward and intuitive, making it sufficiently approachable for users of all levels of experience. In addition, the tooltips help you quickly discover the role of its various functions.

The application's ribbon features a wide range of buttons that are meant to help you adjust your logo's width and height, page type and dimensions, measurement units or nudge size.

On both the right and the left edge of the main window, you have various tools that you can work with, for instance 'Text Modes', 'Clipart and Extras', 'Vector Effects', and others.

Design your logo or lettering, then cut it using the proper device

For starters, you can choose the preferred 'Text Mode' and input the words you want to use in your logo. You can adjust the font, size, alignment type, colors, and styles (bold, italics). Additionally, you can use the 'Outline Tools' and customize your text's outlining percentage, after which you can fill it in with any color you favor.

Moreover, your text can be rotated, mirrored or angled however you may need, as well as distorted using 'Flag', '2D' or 'Cylinder' effects. VinylMaster Cut also allows for freehand sketches, or drawings using curves and polylines. When completed, you can send your design to the cutter using the provided wizard.

Efficient instrument for designing vinyl logos

To sum it up, VinylMaster Cut proves to be an advanced and reliable program that can successfully assist you in creating, tweaking and cutting your letterings or logos, helping you obtain great-quality results.

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Signmaster Software Download For Mac Free

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