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Log into your account. Recover your password. A password will be e-mailed to you. Customizing your desktop has been an important part of computer lovers since the beginning of modern Windows. Every time a new version of Windows comes out, there are more and more customization options available.

There are still some limitations, however, with Rainmeter there is nothing you can’t customize. In this article, I’ll be talking about the best Rainmeter skins for your computer in 2022. Make your desktop something you’re proud of showing! If you’ve used the Rainmeter application before in earlier versions of Windows and are wondering if it will work with the latest update then don’t worry.

9. Silmeria Dock Honeymoon

This application will run on any device that is running Windows 7 and above, which means that Rainmeter for Windows 11 is now available. There will be a list of some of the most popular choices, my favorites, and good picks overall. Each of the skins will be tested thoroughly and screenshots provided for each one to ensure you have everything you need.

35. Temple VR 1.1

Let’s continue with the rest of this article without wasting any more time, and let’s see which are the best rainmeter skins for 2022. Rainmeter is a free, open-source application that allows you to create custom widgets on your Windows 7,8,10, or 11 desktops.

It can be used as an alternative to traditional taskbar icons. The app has been around since 2008 but it’s still one of the most popular ways to customize your desktop with customizable widgets.

8. X2ui 1.2

It works by allowing users to create their own widgets which they then place onto their desktop using drag-and-drop functionality. You can use Rainmeter to add weather forecasts, clock faces, battery life indicators, music controls, system information, calendar, RSS Feeds, game scores, and more.

One of the many reasons why you should use rainmeter is to help with the customization of your desktop.

1. Game Of Thrones

That’s why there are a lot of different skins to help you change the appearance to your liking. There are various options available such as changing the background color, font size, text style, etc.

Starting off the list is Omnimo, one of the most popular and the best rainmeter skins up to date. The graphic side of things is going to help you create a dynamic and colorful desktop experience.

On the other side, there are a lot of widget skins that it has to offer.

12. Mangotsfield

It shows the widgets in some cool circles around your desktop that are not too distracting. The Omnimo skin is going to help you show, the typical system information, date and time, custom circles with your preferred location, media player, media visualizer, the recycle bin, and many more.

I believe this skin deserves the top place and that’s by no accident but truly deserved because it’s fantastic. This skin has a lot to offer and does it in an elegant way so it’s not too intrusive.

6. Enigma

The first thing you might notice is the date and time display which I think is fantastic. On the right side, there’s a unique feature of this skin which is the daily motivational quotes that it shows you.

You will also find shortcuts to your Twitter, Mail, Web Browser, Music Player, Pictures, Media Player, and Facebook. Each of them has a customized design that works really well with the rest of the skin.

17. P I L E U S Suite

This is an amazing skin for rainmeter that has a lot to offer and compared with the perfect background image like the one shown above it’s going to make a fascinating Desktop experience.

You can see how the background image helps the skin look better and more complete. You can find the usual system resources graphics such as the RAM usage and CPU usage.

The time and date have a cool display on top of each other and the font on the day makes it come together beautifully.

31. Rainsweeper

You will also find HDD information, and the Upload or Download speed graphics. The visualizer’s simple but it works really well with each feature of this skin, and that’s what makes it deserve the number three spot on this list.

If you’re on a Windows device and want to have the look and feel of a Mac then this skin is going to help you with that.

29. Wisp

It’s an amazing design that going to skin the widgets to match those of the Mac OS. It comes with a lot of features like selecting the background, the ability to pick a background, configuring the settings of the sidebar, and many more.

I think the developers have made a great job with this one because it’s so smooth and it perfectly gives the iPhone or Mac feel to your desktop.

You can expect this skin to show these widgets in a new way; the usual system information like HDD, CPU & RAM usage, date and time, countdown, calendar, and many more.


All the while displaying some great graphics to make it look even better. This is more than just a Rainmeter skin, it’s a combination of skins that have achieved this amazing-looking design.

Everything works so well together from the background image used, the visualizer, the system information graphics, the weather skin, and everything else. The background adds to the complexity of this skin loadout and makes it stand out from the rest.

20. Omnimo 6.0

On the download link, you will see where each skin is used for each feature. For example, the ‘Simple Media’ skin is used for the date and time, and so on.

If you also combine it with the wallpaper engine you can get an even better experience since the background will be animated and along with the Rainmeter elements, it’s going to be a Desktop environment to be envious of.

22. ABP 1.2

You need to install the ScreenStyler skin so that you achieve this look which is minimalistic but it has a really cool vibe to it. Everything is smooth and well placed. Some of the most important things for you will be available with just one click away such as the calculator or steam, but you can customize them to use whatever app you want.

Overall I think that this is a great all-around skin and works really smoothly. I definitively suggest you give it a try, you won’t be disappointed by this skin.

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This is skin is definitively one of my favorites from the whole list, it has everything that I ever need to make my desktop experience more enjoyable.

It displays the date and time in a really cool way and the font it uses looks amazing. You can also customize recycle bin and it looks fantastic in my opinion.

26. Cntr

Not to leave without mentioning that it also has a nice UI for the media player. These make it one of my favorites since it’s not too complicated and not too simplistic, it’s just the right amount of both.

This skin is one of the better-looking ones on this list and I was seriously impressed when I first saw it. The broken glass shard can go over anything and still look great.

27. July Flat’ish 2.0

You can clearly see the information that it’s being displayed there with no issues at all. I had to look at the resources that this skin was using and to my surprise nothing out of the ordinary.

Inside the broken glass, you’re going to see the system information, weather, a music visualizer, and many more. Compared with a good wallpaper this can really transform your desktop experience.

24. Figures for Rainmeter

This is another skinn compilation with a meme theme, but don’t be fooled by its topic. The theme has several skins and it combines different aspects from each one of them.

Compared with the background image, you can achieve the same meme look for your Desktop. However, there are also a lot of cool features like the quick open icons for different tools or even games.

Overall it’s a fun theme that I’m sure you all will enjoy.

10. Alignment Grids

This is one of the best skins for gamers, especially Mincraft players, which can relate to the skin compilation a lot more. Once again there are a few skins such as the, cleartext, lano visualizer, the elegant clock, all combined into one to give you the best they can offer.

Along with the Minecraft font this makes it the best Minecraft experience that you can have on your desktop. The FLHUD skin amazed me with its simplicity, clean-looking design, and the widgets that it offered.

37. Sound Square

The main bar of the widget is completely customizable with hyperlinks so that you can check Reddit or whatever website you want with a simple click from your desktop.

The visualizer had a great feel to it, was connected with Spotify, and looked amazing as you can see. There weren’t a lot of variations for the widgets other than having two choices for the clock but still, it was enough and it did the job.

The Aliens skin is good however it would be great if you have the right setup.

It has some great design choices that are more likely to shine in conjunction with a background image specifically made for it.

14. iSteve

Aliens has a lot to offer, from displaying the usual system information, CPU usage, RAM usage, Hard Disk capacity, date, time, a live news feed, upload & download speed, power button shortcuts, and many more.

7. Dark Music Player

If you want to fully enjoy this skin then I suggest you use the Aliens wallpaper that it’s recommended by the developer. The Gemini Suite is an interesting rainmeter skin that offers a sidebar too, in fact, it has two variants for it.

I’m impressed by the cleanness of the design and the efficiency that I have with it.

2. IssInfo

This skin helps you display the clock, the date, system information such as the hard disk usage, CPU, RAM, open chrome, launch steam, and much more.

You can actually connect your steam account and look at the games that you have from the sidebar which is a really cool addition, especially for gamers.

5. Def blue space 1.5

Sonder is subtle and minimalistic but it has some unique things that make it different from the others. That’s the big world map widget that it has to offer, which also features satellite information.

Along with that, you will get the usual system information, date, time, recycle bin, and more. This theme is not going to interfere with your work whatsoever since it has a mild opacity and generally the design allows it to be smooth and hidden.

32. Glasses

This is one of those skins that can completely change the way you use your computer and the look of your desktop. Modern Clean Desktop is a highly wanted skin among the users of the rainmeter application because it’s modern and offers a clean look, just as the name itself suggests.

The date and time are displayed in a cool minimalistic way that don’t gain attention. The sidebar is the biggest feature and there you can find everything you would need.

This is the number one popular choice for rainmeter skins and I understand why after installing it and giving it a try myself.

3. Himawari-8

Eker Lina offers two different skin colors. You can go with the dark version which I did as shown in the picture above, or with the white one. That depends on the background image that you have.

This skin offers a lot of layout possibilities since it can help you display a plethora of things, from the system folder, clock, temperature, date, system information, and many more.

As the name suggests this skin is built with lovers of minimalism in mind.

11. PIANO, for Rainmeter

The design is not going to interfere with your normal usage of the PC. It’s going to show you subtly the system information, clock, date, and a music player in a way that’s really elegant too, pun intended.

Its opacity is going to blend in really well with the background picture and you’re not going to be distracted by it whatsoever.

36. FLHUD 1.2

One of the best things that I liked about this theme was the simplicity and the robust design elements. However, not everyone might like its design since it’s made to replace the taskbar with all the features and functionality that it offers.

I’m going to say that if you don’t have a touch screen then this widget might seem a bit redundant for you.

19. Hero

You can control the music, open specific files, look at disk usage and other system information, empty the recycle bin and open the games directly from the bottom bar.

The Semplice Rainmeter Suite offers a lot of widgets that are going to help you customize the desktop to your liking.

15. B’Loved

The visual side of things is minimalistic with some brave design choices almost making it look like a flower when combined in the way I did.

The main things that it has to offer are the clock skin, weather, date and time, e-mail and finally notes. If you were looking for a slick elegant design then I would totally recommend this skin since it’s one of the better ones out there.

13. G-Bar v2

This skin’s obviously inspired by Spiderman and I’m sure the fans will greatly appreciate it. I certainly did and I’m not the biggest fan either, which means that everyone can enjoy it.

It has a nice design that’s made to look kinda futuristic with some spidey nuances. You will find skins for the system information like ram, CPU usage, disk drives percentages, upload speed, download speed, Cortana search bar, date, time, and more.

21. Before Dawn RM Bar

This skin is made to illustrate what it would be like to be inside of Tony Stark’s helmet and interact with Jarvis the AI.

It’s a really cool-looking skin for rainmeter but appearance isn’t its only strong point. There are different widgets that are going to help you customize your desktop to the fullest. You can view your usual system information such as CPU usage, RAM usage, clock, date, hard disk capacity, RSS Feeds, the temperature of the system, and many more.

30 BEST Rainmeter Skins

Paired with a dark desktop background I believe this skin is going to look amazing on your desktop. The techy and futuristic look that it offers it’s going to make everyone stop and wonder if they are seeing a computer from the future.

The widgets that it has to offer vary from, system usage, to ethernet usage, newsfeed, media player, file explorer, and much more.

4. Epure

Even though there are no variants I believe that for the right person that enjoys this type of skin, it’s going to be just fine.

There’s a recurring theme when going through these skins and that is the minimalism style that most of them follow. Lim!t is an interesting one since it doesn’t bother you with complicated stuff, it fills the element to show information.

30. Switchin

For example, the clock fills in with each second that it passes. The same thing happens for the other parts of the skin, and it has a lot to offer from clock, date, CPU, RAM, Temperature, Disk usage, battery percentage, weather, and a media player.

The Circle Launcher is a fairly unique skin from this list because of what it has to offer and how it does that.

23. drkMINIML

You can change the entire desktop experience with this skin since it allows you to open any program in the form of a circle as shown in the picture above.

After trying it myself I can confidently say that it makes your desktop look more modern and futuristic in a way.

It’s the perfect skin for those who need some changes in their desktop appearance and this can tremendously help with that.

34. Cathode Heating 1.0

Keeping up with the circle theme from last skin the MemoDijay offers some cool features that are going to improve your desktop experience. It’s going to help you display the clock, time, Gmail messages and even has an iTunes music player.

Its opacity makes it blend in really well with any background and it gives strong minimalistic vibes.

25. Pragmatic 3.0

If you wanted the classic neon look to your clock then this is the perfect rainmeter skin for you. Neoclock does exactly what you would think it does. It’s going to make your desktop a lot more stylish and compared with a background image that makes it pop this is going to be perfect.

The only thing that it’s lacking is the color customizability but overall is a great solid choice. Cronotopo is a really cool-looking skin for rainmeter even though it doesn’t offer a lot.

What is the Rainmeter? How Does it Work?

As you can see from the picture above it only has one widget that shows the date and time. However, the colors are completely customizable which is a big bonus because it helps to adapt it to whatever desktop background.

It’s a simple design that also has a dot spinning in circles around the month which gives it an interesting look. Astroclock is a fantastic skin that has a lot of cool animations to back it up.

33. Radiation

It’s space-themed and as you can see from the picture above it’s going to display the earth in a static form, the moon in static form, another smaller rotating earth, a rotating and blazing sun, and lastly a compass/clock of sorts.

Space nerds are going to love tinkering with this skin and its features, it’s really well made and not laggy at all.

18. MOD Dark Glass for Rainmeter

I even checked to see if there was any spike in CPU usage or RAM but nothing out of the ordinary, truly a solid choice. Before Dawn is a nice skin for rainmeter and it has a unique design. Unlike the rest of the skins on this list, this one is a straight bar that has all the information that you would need in one place.

It’s not meant to substitute the taskbar but if you really want it you can do it since it allows you to open some programs from there.

28. Work Launcher

It displays the usual system information, CPU usage, RAM usage, Disk Drive capacity, date, time, social icons, and many more. Simple Media is an interesting skin for rainmeter. It displays the date and time in a slick, elegant and fashionable style which I really like.

Also, it’s going to help you display the recycle bin and the weather in a nice pop style.

27. Cronotopo

Even though it doesn’t have a lot of other features there are a ton of variants you can choose from. In this article, I talked about the 30 best rainmeter skins for 2022 by ranking them from the most popular to the least.

The first part has the most popular choices, then the article continues with solid choices.

7. Mond

After trying all of them out one by one I can guarantee that all the skins that I have listed here are going to work perfectly for you and also all the links are going to be working.

If you have any questions about this article don’t hesitate to leave a reply in the comment section down below. I will try and answer as soon as I can and provide valuable insight.

3. Robik

Hopefully, I helped you choose the best skin for your system. Previous articleArctic Silver 5 Review: Great Choice for 2022. Next articleFirestick Remote Not Working: 7 Ways To Fix It (2022).

Staring at your screen day after day, all through your working hours is plain drudgery. The insipid Windows PC only adds to the monotony.

6. ScreenStyler

However many screensavers you change, and regardless of your wallpapers, novelty lasts only so long. Thankfully, Rainmeter allows you to bring in much more dynamic layouts, and you’ll be surprised how better they can make you feel and thus enhance your workplace productivity with the best rainmeter skins available.

It is a desktop customisation toolkit which gets you a ton of “skins”, or groups of applets customised to get you all sorts of functionality while making your PC look the most unique.

22. Palette

Anyone can download a skin, most of which come for free, and install it to their system. Several people also use Rainmeter to make their own skins. The best among them are featured on the toolkit’s website.

There are skins for everyone, like ones which reflect your geekiness, your love for music, sportiness and even ones which appreciate abstract art and minimalism.

2. Ageo

Let’s list out some of the most popular Rainmeter themes out there! If you’re a GoT fan like I am, you’re going to love this skin. Being one of the most popular Rainmeter themes, not only does it get you wallpapers like no other, you can also edit the dock icons.

The instructions to edit the icons is included in the download. Want to watch where the International Space Station is currently?

16. Eker Lina

Or just want your screen to be sparkle with stars, constellations and nebulae? IssInfo is the perfect skin to use. The information is gathered from Heavens Above, a site dedicated to mapping the various bright object flying around in the sky.

If you live in Japan, Indonesia, Australia, Philippines or Hawaii, you can stay constantly updated with the weather.

4. Big Sur RC1

With the information auto-updating every 10 minutes, and Real-Time image from NOAA NESDIS among other sources of high repute and reliability, Himawari is both accurate and amazing to look at.

The display is beautiful too. Epure is one of the most beautifully designed Rainmeter skins with an interface which makes monitoring your system a cakewalk.


The first thing that attracts many is the scintillating graphics and animation, but there is more to it. The skin supports 8 languages, spanning English, French, Spanish, Italian, Serbian, Russian, Portuguese and German.

You can modify fonts, colors and the various widgets in the blink of an eye. Def blue space is actually a collection of various applets sourced from different developers.

17. Elegance 2

It is built with double screens specifically in mind. The parent collections called SpeedFan and HWInfo can be installed later to access more features, if you want to try out more applets.

Enigma is a complete revamp package for your Windows 10 PC. There are over 100 customisation options available in a pretty user friendly interface.

21. IronMan-Jarvis

The skin is refreshingly minimalist, but you can crowd it up as much as you like with applets and embellishments. Oh, and you should definitely try out stylesheets in the app. This one is among the most popular skins.

20. The Amazing Spiderman

If you have a huge music library in your PC but are tired of the same old Windows and VLC Media Players, Dark Music Player could be a great replacement.

The skin is pretty geeky to look at, and supports AIMP, foobar2000 WMP and MusicBee, along with the staple iTunes. Also, the mouse control to open and close the player is pretty neat.

28. ASTROClock

Want your PC to look like some alien piece of software? X2ui is the perfect geekiness enhancer. You get numbers, graphs and interesting animations and embellishments to make your desktop look like a complex analysis machine.

The background needs to be downloaded from the source provided on the deviantart page for the device to look the best. For those who can’t get enough of the Windows 8 animation to bring out utilities and options on a swipe from the right, Silmeria Dock might be a great way to customise your PC to get the functionality.

18. Moderate

It’s a pretty simple skin, but you can use it to save bookmarks to sites for quick dialing, or settings shortcuts too.

The menu pops up when you drag the mouse in the region of the menu. Simple, but effective and useful too!

12. Aliens

For those with Rainmeter 3.2 or higher, Alignment Grids can help you use multiple Rainmeter skins together. It gets you 3 horizontal and vertical grids, which you can access through the Aspect button.

If you aren’t sure how this will help you, think about how easy it can make handling your PC when you have multiple desktops in the same PC.

10. Minecraft

If you aren’t fond of Windows 10’s design for the same purpose, this one is sure to catch your fancy. You may even enjoy multiple wallpaper skins after installing Alignment Grids.

This is frankly the best skin out there in terms of novelty. Imagine having an entire 88 key piano in your PC or laptop.

15. Modern Clean Desktop

There are apps of the sort for Android and iOS, but this makes the first Windows PC compatible piano. The sound extends for 3 seconds, and intuitively, touch enabled screens fare better at running this skin to its full capacity.

This is one beautiful skin to revamp your desktop. The design is simple, and the skin has shortcuts on the tray too, be it a start button and recycle bin like you would find on Windows 10 PC, or mail, RSS feeds or weather updates as one could need.

25. MemoDijay

Virtually everything is customisable, and you have neat applets free to arrange according to your convenience. And for those of you not very fond of Cortana, you get an Androidesque Google Search applet too.

5. Living Room

The music widget could have been better, but we’re not complaining. If you’re tired of the same old arrangement in Windows PC despite multiple skins offering embellishments, turn to G-Bar v2 to solve your woes.

The skin links to other skins which further enhance the utility of the device.

26. Neoclock

The activity tray and menus are sure to impress whoever checks out your PC. G-Bar strikes the best balance between utility and visual complexity. iSteve is a wonderful skin because it is minimal in design but still has several applets to power up your desktop and get you a ton of information, be it a handy collection of notes, a Google search a la Android smartphones, a photo gallery or disk usage, along with multiple clock formats, which can of course be added with more skins.

B’Loved’s USP is the cute display your desktop assumes when you load this skin. A pretty Bookshelf frame sits on your desktop. There are different applets on the bookshelf, and you can pick any you like to get different functionalities.

23. LIM!T

The attention to detail is evident in the manner the apps get pop ups announcing their name whenever you scroll over them. To be frank, this skin is a bit outdated, but if you’re a fan of the 2012-2014 era of Windows 7, you might like this skin.

You’ll love the applets this one packs. ADIAN BOLON AERO (written in all caps; the reason is beyond us) has the regular sort of applets, like applets for weather, date, time and other stuff.

9. Low-Effort Meme

But the presentation is where the skin stands out (and aren’t skins all about presentation? The app also puts all crucial information about your PC to one corner, where you can check for any new emails, keep track of internet usage, get your IP at one glance and even see how crowded your recycle bin is.

With the proper complimentary skins, you can supercharge your PC to be like no other device in the world.

13. The Gemini Suite

P I L E U S Suite is a pretty neat, medieval themed skin which is best known for its Black and White theme (honestly, I like the parchment feel more). The skin has various applets available, that get you everything from internet access and WinAmp to Notepad.

The clocks are worth mentioning here; they are perhaps the most fitting clock applets I have seen. There are several buttons to discover as well, which adds a feeling of adventure to the entire package.

14. Sonder

P I L E U S Suite easily makes it to the top 10. The straight lines can surely tire one out. Dark Glass mixes and matches various sizes of applets and has amazing curved edges which give your regular Windows PC a novel feel.

Measurements like CPU usage and others are arranged in a circular quadrant too. You might want to add some more skins on the side to use their applets along with Dark Glass’s, since Dark Glass itself might come off as a bit lacking.

8. Glass Shards

But the skin gets points for the bold, curvy and dark theme. With Hero in your Windows PC, your desktop will never be the same. The skin is modeled after HTC Hero, and has a nifty collection of info applets getting you stats on your PC.

The skin has some of the best icons to employ, Android-esque utilities, and coupled with good wallpapers, Hero can really power up your morning routines at work.

1. Omnimo

Like HTC Hero inspired Hero above, Omnimo is inspired by Windows Phone 7. The skin completely revamps your desktop, and you receive only the information that you need.

Like Windows Phone 7, you get to access your favorite apps and services from the central screen. Think of it like having your Windows menu always open. The skin is customisable and yet consumes only a modicum of space.

19. Semplice Rainmeter Suite

The skin also happens to be open source, so if you want to make a few tweaks on your own, you can go right ahead! Before Dawn puts a Quick Bar on your screen which you may use to quickly access various services, websites or programs. You can put in an RSS feed for your favorite blogs and websites as well, to access them quicker.

The stats aren’t all that attractive to look at, but it’s still a pretty good skin to use. This skin has as many as 21 shortcuts for the user to employ. You might need to know your way around to use some of them, but it still makes a glorious Rainmeter skin to use. The various applets span RSS feeds to clocks, To Do lists and more.

In the apps individually, the clock looks a bit stocky but it works for those looking for a quick and comfortable way to check time.

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