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How to Play Snakes and Ladders?

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What is the Snakes and Ladders Game?

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board game blank template free download snakes and ladder. This game comes with the questions of the board game; world of knowledge, that can also be found on this website. The question cards come in three categories, easy, medium and hard. On the board of Snakes and Ladders you can find three different symbols, the circle, the diamond and the star.

It means that each of the symbols will correspond with one of the three categories of the world of knowledge cards. For example if the player lands on a square with the circle, the player has to answer from the easy category and when it lands on a diamond the player has to answer from the hard category.

And of course you can create your own question cards. To decide who starts the game, the players take turns in rolling the dice; the player with the highest score starts, and rolls the dice again to move.All players start with their playing piece off the board, with square number one as the first square to count on their turn.

More than one playing piece can occupy the same square. There is no extra turn for rolling a six. On their turn, they roll the dice and move their playing piece along the squares in accordance with the number rolled. When a player lands on a square containing the foot of a ladder, they move up to the top of the ladder. When a player lands on a square containing a snake's head, they move down the snake, right down to the end of the snake's tail.

When a player lands on the square with a symbol, like the circle, the star or the diamond, the player has to give an answer to the question of the card on the top of the pile with the same symbol.

If the answer is correct, the player can stay on the square. If the also is wrong the player has to go back to the square he came from.

When the player lands on the square containing the foot of the ladder, they move up to the top of the ladder.

If that square contains a symbol, the player had to answer the question of the card. Again if the answer is correct, the player stays in the square. If the answer is wrong, the player has to go back from where he came from and not to the square containing the foot of the ladder.When the player lands on the square without the symbol, the player can stay there without answering any questions.

The winner is the first player to reach the end of the board; square 100. There are different rules for how this square can be reached. One is that the exact number needs to be rolled on the dice, either by remaining on a square of 94 or above, and waiting until the required number is rolled, or by moving to 100 then reversing back, according to the number rolled on the dice.

  • The other is that the exact number needs not be rolled; decide at the beginning of the game which rule to follow.
  • Board games have been a popular pastime for many years.
  • Whether you are the 1980s, 1990s or 2000s kid, you would have enjoyed playing board games with families and friends.
  • Snakes and Ladders (sometimes called Chutes and Ladders) is one of the most popular board games of all time.
  • What makes it popular is that it is a board game with 100 squares full of tricks and traps.
  • All you must do is roll a dice and try your luck.
  • JustFamilyFun has a ready-made printable Snakes and Ladders game as well as a customisable coloured and black and white templatea for you to play with your family and friends.
  • Let us explore more about this game and how our version of the game is fun for your kids.
  • Snakes and Ladders (also known as Chutes and Ladders) is an ancient Indian board game, originally known as Moksha Patam.
  • It is a classic board game that can be played by 2 or more people.
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