Software License Key Generator

ä, ö, ü) and the following special characters: . The maximum file size for file licenses is 100 KB. If you need a bigger file license response, contact Client Experience. If you need to provide instructions with your license key, you have two options:. Return Instructions as Part of License:. Because cleverbridge forwards the license information to the customer, you can also simply return these instructions as part of the license. A drawback to this approach is that the key cannot be used later for additional processing by cleverbridge (for example, printing it on a backup CD/DVD). Define a Template:. Enter the instructions in a template. For more information, see . cleverbridge considers any content returned with a HTTP response code 200 a valid license key. In case you run into technical problems generating the license key, you should provide a response code in the 400 or 500 range. If cleverbridge receives a response code in this range, we will inform the customer that the completion of the transaction will be delayed. After that, we will initiate a retry once the license key generation issue is resolved. Your license key generator can be secured in two different ways:. cleverbridge recommends that you protect your license key generator URL with a username and password. If you choose this method, you must specify this information when you configure your license key generator in the Subscription Commerce Manager. For more information, see Add a License Key Generator. cleverbridge does not recommend protecting your license key generator by restricting IP addresses. This only offers limited security and can create problems when requested changes cannot be implemented in time. However, you can limit the IP ranges from which your license key generator can be accessed. cleverbridge accesses from one of the following networks:. These IP ranges are subject to change, but we will alert you in advance of any alterations. cleverbridge offers you the option to define a template for your license key. To set up a template in the Subscription Commerce Manager, do the following:. In the Product portal, select the product for which you would like to create a license key template. Under Delivery, select the Delivery Texts tab. Create a template. You can use the following placeholders:. Click Save and Complete. Defining a template in the Subscription Commerce Manager, as opposed to using standard software, allows you to:. Use a generic template. Insert placeholders that are replaced by purchase info. Define multiple languages. If you do not enter a key template, the default template is used. A key template starts with . For more information about templates, including information about email key templates, see Products ✱. For more information about templates, including information about email key templates, see Products & Plans. You can use the Key Generatorsection to add, view, and edit a web key generator. To add a web key generator, do the following:. In the main menu of the Subscription Commerce Manager, select General Tools > Key Generator, and click Add Key Generator. Enter information in the following fields:. Enter the full URL of the key generator. The URL of your key generator must have an HTTPS scheme. SSL certificates for HTTPS are only supported if they are signed by a trusted authority. If selected, an XML or JSON notification with transactional data is pushed to the key generator during the API call. If not selected, the key generator will receive a limited amount of information. The XML or JSON notification document used in web key generator calls is identical to the PaidOrderNotification, with the exception of the Deliveries Array. Select if you wish to manage key generation errors on your own. If you do not select this option, cleverbridge manages key generation errors (recommended). If a key generation or key list error occurs, the following happens:. If you have set up this notification type, you receive an ErrorNotification.
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